Meet Basketball's Kevin Foster

Meet Basketball's Kevin Foster

Dec. 19, 2008

Santa Clara freshman Kevin Foster (Katy, Texas) has started the last five games and is averaging 11.2 ppg. On the way back from UNLV Foster spoke with about his freshman year, seeing his first snowfall and who will win at HORSE when he goes home in a few days.

SCU: How is college life in California for a kid from Texas?

Foster: It feels different because it's different weather. The weather is a lot different. College life is a lot faster than high school. I caught onto the pace of college life after about the sixth or seventh week and I started doing pretty well.

SCU: Who has helped you adjust the most?

Foster: I still talk to my parents every day. I talk to my brother Rodney everyday as well. I also have talked to Decensae White a lot. He told me what the coaches want and also talked to me about academics. That's helped me out a lot.

SCU: Your older brother Rodney is the senior point guard at Rice. Have you always been known as Rodney's little brother?

Foster: Yeah (laughs). It's kind of weird because my senior year my team had the same record as his senior year in high school. Now that I am out here I am working to form my own identity and becoming my own person. But my brother has a pretty good legacy in Texas so there is nothing wrong with that.

SCU: What's your favorite part of going to college at Santa Clara?

Foster: I like that there are not as many students in each class and you can actually have more hands-on learning. I can ask the professor a question in class and I don't have to send him an email as I would if I was in a huge class at another university. I can get the answer right there.

SCU: Have you gotten to know any non-basketball students at Santa Clara?

Foster: I am not that talkative in class. I am there to learn and don't talk a lot. I am shy, but once I get to know somebody that is when I will open up and talk more.

SCU: You said you took a speech class in high school. Where you nervous during your first speech?

Foster: I was really nervous. I had to do it twice because I stuttered so much. It helped me out a lot to be able to sound somewhat smart in front of people.

SCU: What about on the court? Do you get nervous before games?

Foster: I get butterflies, but I know how to use that as positive energy. You are going to get butterflies because it's part of the game. I have been nervous all my life, but I know how to handle it and still play well.

SCU: How long have you been playing?

Foster: I have been playing since I was six years old - for 12 years now. My Dad started a youth team. My first game I scored 28 points! I remember that game still. I was shooting three-pointers at six years old. After that my Dad said `good game', but I went right back to the gym and worked out.

SCU: What will you do when you go home to Texas in a few days?

Foster: Right when I get home for Christmas, I will probably go straight to the gym and work out with my Dad.

SCU: Your brother is the point guard at Rice. Do you ever play HORSE?

Foster: We will play at home every now and then. We work out together and try to push each other more than anything. We both have to be stronger because college basketball takes a toll on your body.

SCU: Who normally wins?

Foster: I will say I will win one out of every three games. I am not sure, I haven't played him in a while, but I might give him a run for his money now that I am in college.

SCU: What game are you looking most forward to?

Foster: The Gonzaga game. Seems like it will be really fun. I will be really pumped to play that game, but that's a long way away.

SCU: Are you comfortable on this team?

Foster: A lot of people on the team are really funny. They tell a lot of jokes. We play really hard, no matter what the score is. Everybody likes each other off the court as well. We go to each other's rooms after games and talk.

SCU: Who is the funniest?

Foster: Calvin Johnson or Perry Petty.

SCU: Who is the silliest?

Foster: Calvin is the silliest for sure.

SCU: Who is the most quiet?

Foster: Probably me (smiles). Either me or Santos.

SCU: What's your dream shot?

Foster: I have a great one! We are playing in the championship game of the Final Four and I hit the game winner. Having people rush the court after we win the national championship is so awesome. I practice that by myself alot. I imagine I am in the NCAA title game, the clock is ticking down `4-3-2-1' and I shoot and it goes in at the buzzer. NCAA Champions!

SCU:What have you learned from Coach Keating?

Foster: I learned that defense is going to keep you on the floor. Play defense, rebound and you will play. He preaches defense because that is what wins you games, not the offensive side. The offensive side will come.

Go Broncos!

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