Chat With Baketball's Kevin Foster

Chat With Baketball's Kevin Foster

July 6, 2009

Preview by Marcus Akerland, SCU Athletics Department Student Assistant

Santa Clara Basketball stand-out Kevin Foster spent some time sharing his goals for the upcoming season, and his relationship with both former and future teammates.

SCU: As the WCC Newcomer of the year, you had a very successful freshman campaign. With that said, what do you feel like you can improve upon to have an even more successful 2009-2010 season?

Kevin Foster: Being honored as the WCC Newcomer of the year and everything, there comes a lot of responsibility this year to be a leader because we are not going to have any seniors. I am going to try and lead by example. I hope to help everyone else's game improve because we are going to have a lot of new players this season. I have to help them find their way because the faster they do that the better we are going to be.

SCU: What excites you the most about the incoming recruiting class?

KF: They all like to play hard and are all great athletes. Every program needs hard workers and all these guys play the game hard.

SCU: Describe your relationship with freshman newcomer Robert Smith.

KF: We are both really laid back, and he asks me a lot of questions about different aspects of being a college basketball player. I just want to show him the ropes of playing in college because I went through a tough time in the beginning so I want to help him in his transition.

SCU: Would you say he looks up to you?

KF: Oh yeah.

SCU: How do you think your team will be different this year in comparison to last season?

KF: We will miss both John Bryant and Calvin Johnson this season. Without Big John in the middle we are going to be running a lot more; pushing the ball up-court in transition and pressing a lot more. I'm really looking forward to it.

SCU: What was it like to play alongside John Bryant?

KF: It's a blessing to have been able to play with someone that skilled. It's an easy post-feed and just having him on the floor makes everyone else better. He makes everyone around him look better.

SCU: What is your favorite thing to do off the court?

KF: I enjoy just relaxing and watching movies and playing video games. NBA 2K9 is probably my favorite video game right now.

SCU: Which current college or NBA would you like to compare yourself to?

KF: Probably Deron Williams (Utah Jazz) because we're both guards with bigger body types. He is a solid point guard and I just try and model my game after him.

SCU: What sport would you be playing if it wasn't basketball?

KF: Tennis. I've played tennis my whole life. I started playing with my dad when I was 7 and I still play it to this day.

SCU: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

KF: My personal goals are to just play to the best of my abilities and I know that will take me to where I need to be. In terms of team goals I want to win all the home games and try and get at least half on the road. That would give us a great record and a great chance at an NCAA tournament berth.

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