Foster Excited to be Back on Court, Class

Foster Excited to be Back on Court, Class

April 1, 2009

In a record-breaking freshman season where he was named the WCC Co-Ncwcomer of the Year and to the WCC All-Freshman team, Kevin Foster is anxious and excited to be back on the Mission Campus after celebrating the school's spring break at home in Katy, Texas. This past season Foster broke seven Bronco school records, including Steve Nash's single season record for three pointers (Foster had 85, Nash hit 84 in 1995); and Kurt Rambis' SCU freshman record points (Foster had 486, Rambis scored 414 in 1977).

What will Foster do in the off-season to get ready for next year? How did he spring his spring break? Who does he like in the Final Four? All those answers and more follow.

SCU: So, Microwave, how was your break? Excited to be back on campus?

KF: I am glad to be back! It was fun to catch up with my old high school friends and I had fun spending time with my parents and my brother Rodney. It was a really long time to be home, but I am glad I had it. I got to catch up on a lot of things while I was gone. I played a lot of video games, went to the mall and shopped with my parents, played some hoops, slept in a lot, said hello to a lot of friends - so many things.

SCU: Your brother was the point guard on Rice's team this year. Did you play your brother in H-O-R-S-E when you were home?

KF: We didn't play H-O-R-S-E. We played one on one. And just in case you are wondering, I did beat him. He won twice and I won once. We do keep scores, but I have a bad memory (smiles big). I worked out a lot with my Dad, too.

SCU: Was your brother impressed with your skills?

KF: Yes (big smile). He said he could tell I had gained a lot of experience and that he could tell I had been playing college basketball for a year.

SCU: So, now you are back on campus, in class and doing individual workouts. What do you look forward to most this spring?

KF: I look forward to working out with our strength and conditioning coach, Joe Siara, to get my body fat down to 7-9% because I know that will help me improve my game 100 times more. I like to lift weights. I really do.

I worked really hard in the classroom last quarter and I think my grades reflected that. I got a 3.67 GPA. My goal this semester is to continue to do well in the classroom. My brother Rodney is a very good student (senior at Rice) and so my parents have high expectations for me as well.

SCU: What else are you looking forward to?

KF: I am looking forward to open gym. I am looking forward to playing with the guys.

SCU: Have you thought about next year at all yet? What game are you looking most forward to?

KF: I am thinking about next year every day I work out because it will only help me get better. I am thinking about next year because I know that working out is going to help our team better and will take us farther than we went last year.

SCU: What trip are you looking forward to most?

KF: The Houston road trip of course! We will play Rice and Houston Baptist during that trip. I know I will have a lot of friends and family there because I grew up close to there in Katy. I hope we get two wins. But, I know we play at home I think 18 of the 30 games next year and I am really looking forward to playing in the Leavey Center that many times at home. 18 of 30 is great. Hello Ruff Riders!

SCU: Have you been watching the NCAA Tournament?

KF: Yes, a lot! A lot! I watched it all last weekend.

SCU: Did you pick those four teams that made the Final Four?

KF: No. I picked Louisville, UCONN, Pittsburgh and UNC so I guess I got two of the four.

SCU: Who has impressed you?

KF: Villanova has impressed me the most. They look they are clicking on all cylinders and they have no team chemistry issues. I really like Kalin Lucas from Michigan State. He can shoot and he kind of reminds me of myself.

SCU: How you have learned anything watching the NCAA Tournament?

KF: No (laughs), but there is some really good basketball.

SCU: Who do you think will win the Final Four?

KF: Villanova. No, UCONN. And I think the UCONN ladies will win. They might even be able to beat some men's teams by 30 or 40 points. They are really good.

SCU: Do you watch women's basketball? The NCAA Tournament?

KF: I like to watch UCONN women's basketball because they are as good as a lot of men's teams.

SCU: Anything else you want to add?

KF: I can't wait for next season to start. Go Broncos!

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