Dick Davey Postgame Comments

Nov. 29, 2000

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Dick Davey:

"I was glad to see us score some in the first half and get some good looks against a good defensive team. That was encouraging in the first half and I just felt that if we could continue to do that and start making some shots, we'd have a chance to be successful. We were able to get some better looks than we had been getting and we changed some things we have been doing offensively and, hopefully, it suits our team a little bit better. Time will tell. I do think we are making some strides in practice and I think in the game tonight, we were surely a lot more efficient in what we did offensively.

"I didn't think we played bad in the first half because of where we had been (in past game) and being down two. I thought we had a chance. Our guys are in pretty good condition and if we hung in there, we'd have a chance to be a little bit better in the second half and I think we did. When shots go in, you always think you are doing well. When shots don't go in, which was surely the case at UoP when we shot 29 percent, then you take a look at your team and wonder how you are going to have a chance to win.

"(Brian Jones) will have some nights when he doesn't shoot 100 percent. But, he will also have a lot of nights when he shoots it well. I think he was a lot more confident tonight. He worked on his shooting a little extra in the last week or so and I think it paid dividends for him.

"We have some new players who need to get involved in what we are doing. Some of them are struggling a little bit trying to figure out where first base is right now. But, we are getting better. By the end of the season if they will hang together and not get frustrated, we will be a decent team.

"I'd like to have (Jones) around as long as we can have him. Brian is in good enough condition to play 40 minutes. But, he also has to temper his foul situation enough so that he can play a little longer. We don't want to have him out of the game at the end of the game."

Brian Jones

"(The Pacific game) was one of those games where we came out and weren't ready to play and they jumped on us. I have played a lot of basketball and sometimes you have games like that. I put that out of my mind this week. Every game is a new game. In this game, I wanted to come out and be aggressive. I started off shooting pretty well and I just wanted to stay in the game and give my team a chance to win.

"I got the second half. It was a push-off and it was a good call. I decided in the second half to play smarter and not foul and put my team in jeopardy. I needed to step-up and start making some shots. I was feeling pretty good tonight and my teammates were getting me the ball when I was open.

"My teammates were shooting well. That takes a lot of pressure off me. When they shoot well, and the other team can't just guard me and Jamie Holmes and they have to guard five guys, it makes us a pretty good offensive team.

"(Balancing aggressive play and not fouling) is a hard thing. It is something I really struggled with my first two years. I think I got a little too excited when I got a breakaway and didn't get a call. Coach Davey took me out and settled me down and told me to go back in and play my game.

"(The doctors) told me that my knee would never be back at 100 percent. But, I think it is at 99.9. It is really close. I really don't even worry about it anymore. My legs are strong and I feel good. I was more cautious and more tentative last season. This year, through summer conditioning and working on my legs in the pool and with weights, it feels stronger. When you have that feeling, then you are more confident.

"(Playing in the NBA) is every players dream. Hopefully, I can have a good senior season and help get our team in the tournament. That is what I am trying to do right now."