Postgame With Dick Davey

Nov. 12, 2000

Postgame Audio

  • Head coach Dick Davey

    On Today's Final Exhibition Game
    "Every game is a chance to grow a little bit more as a team. Even though some of the younger kids didn't play so well, they got a chance to get their feet wet again and I think that is important. I think we were a little bit more mature offensively. We were a little more intelligent. They are a tough team to play, the way they catch and penetrate and pitch to people. It makes it hard for us. I think it was a good learning experience for our guys. They are beginning to see how hard it is to win. The more of those kind of games you get, the better you get for league-play."

    On upcoming Regular-Season Opener at Alaska Tournament
    "We know the competition level is going to be real high. We need to get a little bit better with our out of bounds plays. We are really struggling right now, not doing much in that area. Our offense has got to get a little bit better shot decisions. Hopefully, we will get a couple of guys healthy that aren't out there right now. We need them to be ready to play by the time we get (to Alaska). We will have to wait and see on that. We are little bit short-handed sizewise right now with a couple of our bigs out. We need them back to get a little bit better mix."