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Kerry Keating, on Brody's game: "We had a hard time getting going in the first half, and Brody understands that to be the best player on the team you have to really accept the fact that I am hard on the best player sometimes. I said that during half time, he understood that, and came out after halftime and responded and put it on his shoulders and got us going when we really needed to. He played forty minutes this game and having only one turnover was the biggest key of this game."

Keating, on what he said at halftime: "I told the guys to come out and play harder. When all else fails and your shots are not falling, you can always block out, get a rebound, get a loose ball. We want to do two things, we want to play smart and we want to play hard. We still have to make the next play even and be mentally sharp. We certainly had our breakdowns in that sense and that almost cost us, but we are still in a learning process for a lot of these guys and we have to figure out ways to play and ways to win."

Keating, on coming back after the emotional game against Gonzaga: "We tried our best to diminish the importance of the Gonzaga game because every game is worth the same. They all count the same in the standings. Obviously the environment helped us out on Saturday, but it was different tonight. We are going to continue to challenge ourselves and our student body come out and support our team. I people to understand how hard we work and we come out here everyday to make ourselves better."

Brody Angley, on reaching 1,000 points: "It feels pretty good, but I am happier that we got the win. We have to get a few more, coming off the Gonzaga game."

Angley, on team's mental preparation for tonight's game: "We wanted to come out and get the win. That was the best thing to bounce back after what happened over the weekend. As ugly as it was we pulled it off. We have to give Portland credit because they played really well."

Angley, on staying composed: "Just mentally you have to stay on top of it and I know the guys are counting on me to make the right plays. I made a mistake in the last game we just have to bounce back now. Some of the guys made some plays down the stretch, we made some free throws - I should have made more - but John and those guys made them, so it was a good team effort."

Angley, on being challenged to play better at halftime: "It was just a gut check. I am a senior and I am a leader, so I know that those guys are looking to me to lead because I have the ball in my hands most of the time. So I had to step up."

Angley, looking ahead to Saint Mary's next week: We are going to take it like every other game. We have played them before so we now we are on the second stretch of conference and we kind of have an idea of what to expect, but they are a talented club. You can prepare as much as you want, but they are well coached and have great players. But I know going into it our guys will be prepared and our coaching staff will get us ready."

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