Santa Clara 67, San Diego 65

Jan. 31, 2001

Recap| Box Score

Justin Holbrook
(On the last shot)"We had a three-pointer setup for Kyle Bailey but it wasn't there. I got the ball in a position to shoot it. I got the ball, I stepped up and took the shot. Then I turned and looked at the ref to see if his hands were up. The next thing I knew I was tackled by my teammates. This was a good win, but we really have to play better on Saturday (against San Diego) to have a chance to win."

(On lifelong dream to hit the winning shot in a game)"Of course you always dream of winning the big game with a last second shot when you are playing in the backyard. To have a chance to be in a position to take a big shot and to actually make it to win the game feels really good. Just like I always expected it would."

"The way the play was drawn up, we had several options of which I was one. The way it went down in the end was just the way the play evolved and I was fortunate enough to be the one who had the chance to take the shot. I'm just really, really glad I was able to make it and help my team win the game. Every time we play USD, it is a close, tough, physical game. The coaches told us before the game they expected no different tonight. They were right."

Dick Davey (On whether or not SCU changed its last-second plays on USD's timeouts at the end)"We didn't really change anything. We tried to call a play in the huddle that we thought would at least give us a chance to get a decent shot at the basket. We don't really have that much variety in what we do so we really couldn't make many changes during the timeouts."

"We were very fortunate enough tonight to win the game. Fortunately the ball went into the basket and I would hope that we can play again at the same level on Saturday (against USD). Brad's (Holland) guys are very competitive, one of the most competitive teams we will play all year. You aren't secure in anything when you play against them. Hopefully we will be focused and compete well again on Saturday."

(On playing back-to-back games against USD)"You really just play them as you have to play them. I think logically not playing back-to-back would be a better way to do it. But, at the same time the way the league is setup is there for a reason. Ideally, all things considered, I'd rather play these games with a little more time in-between."

"This is the first year we have done absolutely zero on last-second side (out of bounds) plays in order to score. So, now we will probably continue to do nothing in the future. We were lucky. The clock lasted long enough from out standpoint to get it done. Justin (Holbrook) is a good shooter. Obviously he was very focused. I am obviously excited about what happened. But, at the same time I realize it could have gone the other way very easily."

(On the play of Steve Ross)"I think Steve's greatest asset from my perspective is his competitive spirit. He stays after practice and works. He comes in early. He wants to be good. That is the thing that I think is the most impressive thing about where he is at this stage. He works very hard to try to be a good player and we are very fortunate enough to have him in our program."