Jarvis Pugh Talks about his First Year on the Court

Jarvis Pugh Talks about his First Year on the Court

Written by Julia Baribeau '17

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Bronco basketball player Jarvis Pugh (JP) redshirted last year, and this year learned what it was like to step onto the court with the rest of his Santa Clara teammates. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) caught up with Pugh to talk about his first year playing on the court as well as his goals for the upcoming season.

SCB: How did you enjoy playing on the court this season after redshirting the 2013-14 season? 

JP: It felt great that I could help my team out and contribute on the court. I was so glad to be playing after taking a year off to get my body and skill set right.

SCB: What are some things you have learned while playing basketball at Santa Clara University?

JP: I have learned that I cannot always rely on my athleticism to make big plays. I need to work more on the fundamentals and learning how to play within the college system. As well as having the knowledge that every team we play against is good, really good, and should not be taken lightly as an opponent.

SCB: What was the most memorable game this year and why?

JP: Saint Mary's was my favorite game this season. Not only because they are one of our rivals in our conference, but it was also senior night. We played with a lot of intensity that started from the very beginning of the game when Dominic Romeo and Andrew Papenfus made huge plays to get us going. From there we played great as a team offensively and defensively. The most exciting part was that the game went down to the wire and we won by a game-winning shot.

SCB: During your offseason, what do you plan to work on in order to be a better player next year? 

JP: I plan on working on more of my basketball skill set such as: ball handling and shooting, as well as getting a lot stronger. Next year I will be playing on the wing and want to be prepared for everything that is thrown my away. Becoming an overall better offensive player as well as leader is also my goal. 

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