Healy Makes Transition From Australia to Men's Basketball Team

Healy Makes Transition From Australia to Men's Basketball Team

Written By Jefferson Reese '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Santa Clara men's basketball freshman Kai Healy (KH) prepares for his first season with the Broncos after joining the team from Sydney, Australia. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) spoke with Healy about his decision to come to Santa Clara University and adjustments for the upcoming basketball season.

SCB: How is Santa Clara similar to Sydney, Australia?

KH: The biggest similarities would have to be the weather and the people. I feel like people at Santa Clara are very laid back which are what people in Sydney are known for. 

SCB: Why did you choose to come to SCU?

KH: I chose to come here because Santa Clara offered me a great education with a dedicated sports program.  And Santa Clara also has a lot of similarities to home.  

SCB: What have you done in the offseason to prepare for the upcoming season?

KH: I've been shooting a lot of shots, particularly 3 pointers, and working hard in the weight room so I could put myself in the best position to be on the court. 

SCB: How have you had to adjust to playing at the collegiate level?

KH: In practice the main adjustment I've had to make is making great decisions on offense, and in an instant, due to the speed of the game. On defense it's just getting used to staying in front of better players than I'm used to. 

SCB: What is your favorite part of being at SCU so far this school year?

KH: My favorite part so far is just how close the team is. We're together everyday – for hours at a time - and yet we never get sick of each other.  There's always great banter.

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