Men's and Women's Basketball and Baseball Teams Using SpartaTrac This Season

Men's and Women's Basketball and Baseball Teams Using SpartaTrac This Season add link to release

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Using state-of-the-art technology, both the Santa Clara University basketball teams and the baseball team are using SpartaTrac this year as their primary strength and conditioning application with their strength coaches.   

"Sparta is outstanding in every way," said Bronco baseball coach Dan O'Brien. "From their clearly-defined vision to the cutting edge technology, their program is well thought out, simple and effective. They do it right, and their results are the proof.   We're excited to have them join our Bronco Baseball family."

"Anytime we can advance our program's chances for success with the use of technology it is embraced and in most cases a big boost," said Bronco men's basketball coach Kerry Keating.  "The Force Plate technology with SpartaTrac monitoring has shown to be an immense help in determine each player's individual needs in the weight  room. Even more important, it accesses their progress to get them to optimum performance in short amount of times, thereby giving our performance coach more time to essentially get them to peak levels for the duration of the season."

"The implementation of Sparta and our work with the Force Plate has taken our strength program to a new level," said Bronco women's basketball coach Jennifer Mountain.  "The individual-based analysis and information that our student-athletes are receiving on a daily basis not only improves our overall strengths but works to deplete weaknesses and prevent injury.  I love that we have adopted this program and have seen an impact in the few months we have been using the technology with our student-athletes."

SpartaTrac, part of Sparta Performance Science, is a user-friendly application for sport coaches, strength coaches and sports medicine staffs to track and evaluate athlete development throughout each season.

SpartaTrac combines powerful analytical software with patent pending evaluation tools to help users create healthier, stronger, more connected athletes through individualized Movement Signatures identified with a Kistler Force Plate. With SpartaTrac, users will not only be able to track athletes' developments along their signature continuums which will help in fatigue monitoring and injury prevention, but can also begin to positively affect players' results using the individual's input.

"Partnering with Santa Clara is specifically exciting to Sparta because of their proximity and opportunity to partner on further technology advancements only possible in the Silicon Valley," said Sparta Performance Science founder and coach Phil Wagner said. "The basketball coaches and players have already made the most drastic improvements in performance and health than any team we have had thus far. With baseball starting last month, we look forward to starting another chapter to unite the athletic department and strengthen student athlete resilience as a whole."

The SpartaTrac system has eight main features to enhance user experience: the ability to create templates, a mobile app which will allow users to access workouts anytime and anywhere, an automated program to assign templates to teams or players on specific days and times, a central library where users can define exercise prescriptions, individual injury management, an ability to communicate with other users, signature continuums and specific dashboards for quick and convenient athlete overviews.

Sparta Performance Science is based in Menlo Park, Calif., but works with athletes across the world in individual or team settings.


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