Yannick Atanga Looks Ahead to Next Season

Yannick Atanga
Yannick Atanga

By James Slattery '15

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.Yannick Atanga (YA), a rising junior from Yaounde, Cameroon, was an offensive rebounding specialist in his second year of action for the Broncos. Atanga had a smooth transition from living in Cameroon to playing high school basketball in Los Angeles, where he was a John Wooden Award winner. He hopes that he can continue his smooth transition here at Santa Clara. He believes that his improved offensive game will really show on the court next season.

Atanga visited with SantaClaraBroncos.com this week to talk about this past season and this upcoming summer.

SCB: What was the highlight of this past season for you?

YA: Winning the CBI Championship was the highlight for me. 

SCB: What aspect of your offensive game will you work on the most this summer?  

YA: I will be working on finishing down low. I will also be working on my mid-range game and improving my 1 on 1 game.

SCB: Next year at this time, what do you want people say about your offensive game?

YA: I want people to be shocked when they see how far I have come offensively.

SCB: What part of your defensive game will you be working on?

YA: I will primarily be working on help defense with our new players. I will also be working on staying out of foul trouble

SCB: How do you expect the team to adjust with three starters lost to graduation?  Who are you looking to step up?

YA: We are going to make sure that everyone gets involved more than last year. I expect everyone on the team step up.

SCB: Will you be looking to score more next season?   

YA: Yeah. No doubt. That is currently my main focus. 

SCB: Do you have any goals in particular for next season?

YA: I hope to be first team all conference and most importantly help the team to succeed. I hope to become more of a leader.

SCB: What do you like to do in your free time?

YA: I love watching TV. I watch shows like South Park if there isn't any basketball on.

SCB: Last summer you were able to go to Cameron for 40 days.  What was the best part? 

YA: I learned a lot and rested in my time away, which enabled me to help my teammates as much as I possibly could. 

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