Bronco Basketball Does the Harlem Shake On An Empty Airplane

Bronco Basketball Does the Harlem Shake On An Empty Airplane

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(you must watch a few times to catch everyone!)

Harlem Shake With Santa Clara Basketball March 28, 2013.  

Put a college basketball team on the road for six straight days together over Spring Break, playing basketball and spending every waking minute together and you never know what they are going to come up with!  Sitting on an empty airplane during a lay-over in Las Vegas on the way home Thursday after winning the CBI Semi-Finals -- the Santa Clara Bronco basketball team, coaches and staff dropped everything and did the Harlem Shake!  Brandon Clark started if off dancing a bit and got the whole team - including head coach Kerry Keating - doing it on the plane impromptu!

The Broncos will host George Mason on Monday, April 1 in the first game of the CBI Finals at 7 pm at the Leavey Center. 

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The Broncos were victorious at Purdue on March 25 and then went on to win at Wright State on March 27 to advance to the finals.

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