Bronco Basketball's Johnson Joins Bronco Weekly Sports Wrap; All-Star Line-up of Student-Athlete Side-Line Reporters Join the EYEBRONCO Network

Bronco Basketball's Johnson Joins Bronco Weekly Sports Wrap; All-Star Line-up of Student-Athlete Side-Line Reporters Join the EYEBRONCO Network

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Note: Watch Tues., Sept. 18 on for a video-taped round-table discussion with the EYEBRONCO Network talent when they talk about story ideas, what they are excited about and how they plan to get it all done.

Beginning the second season of The Bronco Weekly Sports Wrap (BWSW) as part of the EYEBRONCO Network which is run entirely out of the Bronco Media Relations Office, with Santa Clara senior water polo player John Nash and senior women's soccer player Lauren Matheson serving as co-shots, Bronco Athletics announced Wednesday that sophomore men's basketball Denzel Johnson will join the Bronco Weekly Sports Wrap this season as its newest co-host.  The BWSW will premiere this season on Sept. 24.  All EYEBRONCO videos can be found on the Bronco website, and also the department's YouTube Channel, SantaClaraBroncos. 

In addition, junior men's basketball player John McArthur, junior women's soccer player Cali Reis, sophomore women's soccer player Paige Robertson and junior volleyball player Ali Rambis will work as EYEBRONCO side-line reporters, bringing special features and behind-the-scenes interviews of all Bronco Athletics has to offer this year.  Bronco women's water polo alum Sarah Safir '12 will also continue to lend a hand on camera and with behind-the-scenes in production.

Working on the camera and video production crew for EYEBRONCO, student assistants Brandon Rebboah '13, Olivia McGillis '15, Lauren Donati '13, Katilin Fuelling '13, Nick Johnson '13 and Bronco graduates Sandy Navarro '12 and Nicole Grazoli '12 will assist with filming and production of all the videos and the BWSW.  Finally, junior baseball player Max Deering will also contribute with behind-the-scenes looks at baseball.  Deering worked this summer on a Crib's video seen here from summer ball.

Johnson is a natural for the co-host position and is excited to get started next week.  Johnson will also work to host "Traz Tid-Bits", senior Marc Trasolini's behind-the-scenes look on college basketball.  "I have a really good time with people and I am looking forward to showcasing Bronco Athletics," said Johnson, who started 10 games last season and averaged 6.2 ppg.  "I want to bring a good smile to the camera and make people laugh.  I saw John and Lauren on the Bronco Weekly Sports Wrap this summer on our website ( and I thought 'I really want to do that, too!'"

Nash, who was also recently named the voice of the Bronco women's basketball team, knows Johnson will add a lot to the BWSW.  "Denzel is smart and he's really funny," said Nash.  "He and John will have insight on the basketball teams that fans won't be able to get anywhere else.  And the four women will add a lot across the board." 

Matheson, one of the women's soccer teams captains, is also excited to welcome on-air rookies Rambis, Robertson and Reis as well as Johnson and McArthur.  Matheson filmed and produced the team's preview for the website in August seen here.  "I'm really looking forward to this year. Denzel's comedic delivery will be great entertainment for Bronco fans everywhere.  I know the new women, Ali, Paige and Cali, will add a lot as well. It's going to be a great year!"

McArthur jumped at the chance as well when he heard Johnson was going to be involved. "Denzel is a natural and when I heard he was going to be involved, I also jumped at the chance.  This is going to be a lot of fun!"

This season EYEBRONCO will feature Bronco student-athletes and coaches, previews and reviews, Bronco administrator and SCU professor spotlights and also include special features on club sports at Santa Clara as well. Recently Safir posted this report on the club men's rugby team.

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