New Addition To The Bronco Men's Basketball Team: Nate Kratch

New Addition To The Bronco Men's Basketball Team: Nate Kratch

By, Tomomi Menjo '13

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Summer is a very exciting time for many incoming freshmen. They look forward to starting a new chapter in their lives as they get ready to go off to a new environment. For Nate Kratch (pictured on the left) of the Bronco men's basketball, he has more to look forward to than just going to a new school out of state. Kratch is looking forward to his first season as a Bronco as the only new addition to the team. A behind the scenes look, Kratch (NK) shared with (SCB) how his summer has been.

SCB: How's your summer been with the team since you moved from Minnesota?

NK: I think I flew down on June 18th, and I live in Swig right now. Since then, I've been taking summer classes, lifting weights, doing individual workouts and shooting by myself. We play pickup games at Leavey and Malley as well. Summer's been going by pretty fast.

SCB: What are you most excited about coming to SCU?

NK: The SCU campus is beautiful. I know I will be getting a great education. For basketball, I just want the season to start and to be able to practice with my new team. It's a great group of guys.  

SCB: What are your goals this year?

NK: Academically, my goal is to stay above at least 3.0. With basketball, just coming in everyday and working hard, trying to figure out what I can do to help this team win every game.

SCB: Anything you are nervous about?

NK: Just the whole thing. It's all new to me. New area, far away from home, new team, new coaches. But it's been great so far.  

SCB: Has basketball always been part of your life?

NK: Not always. I played K-1 and then I played hockey. I started playing basketball again in 7th grade and stuck with it since then.

SCB: What pushes you and motivates you to want to work hard?
NK: It's just a part of me. Whatever I do, I always want to be the best I can be. That's how I've always been.

SCB: Any message to the SCU community?

NK: I'm a great student. Don't' worry about me! And to be ready for a great basketball season! Come cheer for us!


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