BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO TOO! Cowels Buzzer Beater Leads Broncos to a 87-84 Victory in Overtime in Canada

BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO TOO! Cowels Buzzer Beater Leads Broncos to a 87-84 Victory in Overtime in Canada


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Tonight Bronco assistant coach James Ware got his crack at being the head coach and he led the Bronco charge to an 87-84 overtime victory over the University of Fraser Valley with Raymond Cowels III hitting a buzzer-beater.  Ware is in his fourth year as a Bronco assistant coach.  Coach Keating is having the three assistant coaches coach the last three games on the team's foreign tour to Vancouver (Dustin Kerns coached Thursday vs. UBC and Sam Scholl will coach Saturday morning at 10 am vs. UBC).

Ware's team from the Amazing Race yesterday started: Nick Lamson, Niyi Harrison, Evan Roquemore, John McArthur and Denzel Johnson.   Click here for story, video and photos on Amazing Race: Bronco Style.

"We had 12 of our 14 guys score," said Bronco assistant coach James Ware, who served as the head coach.  "We only turned the ball over 11 times, including just four in the first half. I was really proud of all of their efforts. Freshman Denzel Johnson, Brandon Clark, Jordan Akwenuke, Karim York, Nick Lamson and Robert Garrett all stepped up huge to help us defend and rebound to win tonight."

What was it like to act as the head coach? "First off, I want to thank Coach Keating for giving the assistant coaches this opportunity to be a head coach for a game up here. It was some of the most fun I have ever had as a coach.  I am really proud of our guys effort and determination to pull out an overtime win on the road," said Ware.

"Coach Ware called 1-4 low for Evan to go one-on-one and create a shot," said Cowels.  "At the time I was a four and the guard in teh corner spaced to the top. Evan was driving in my direction so I spaced out to the corner. My man helped off me and Evan found me wide open for a three.  I have never won a game as a buzzer beater in overtime.  It was a good feeling. Felt like every other three and it took me a second to realize that shot won the game.  Good feeling.  Coach Ware is from Minnesota and so am I.  First win in Canada.  Minnesota blood I guess."

Santa Clara shot 44.6 percent, including 30.0 percent from beyond the arc. The Broncos were 12 of 20 from the free throw line (60.0 percent). They collected 47 rebounds, 11 assists, 9 steals and turned the ball over a foreign-tour low 11 times.  UFV shot 43.1 percent, including 38.5 percent from beyond the arc.  The Cascades were 12 of 22 from the free throw line (54.5 percent).  They collected 45 rebounds, 11 assists, seven steals and turned the ball over 13 times.

Individually Brandon Clark and McArthur led the Broncos with 16 points.  Roquemore added 14 and Kevin Foster scored 10.  Roquemore scored a team-high seven rebounds.  Clark had a team-leading four assists.

For the Cascades four scored in double figures: Joel Fiesen with 24, Sam Freeman with 18, Mike James with 12 and Jasper Moedt with 11.

Roquemore tied it up 2-2 at 8:21.  UFV went on an 8-0 run.  Kevin Foster, Brandon Clark, Yannick Atanga, Karim York and Jordan Akwenuke all checked in to replace the starting five at 5:57.

Clark's no look pass to Akwenuke resulted in a Bronco bucket.  Foster sank a jumper at 5:03 to make it 10-6 UFV.  Foster crushed a three at 4:23 to pull the Broncos within two, 11-9 UFV. 

Clark hit a jumper at 2:51 to give the Broncos a 13-12 lead.  Robert Garrett checked in for Atanga at 2:28. (they call him the Big Guy up here in Canada).  Julian Clarke and Phillip Bach checked in at 2:03. 

Clark gave the Broncos a 17-16 lead at :52, but UFV answered with a three close to the buzzer to take a 19-17 lead into the second quarter.

McArthur sank a five footer to pull the Broncos within three at 8:02.  Roquemore stole the ball and on the way up, McArthur was fouled and sank both. 22-21 UFV.

After a made basket, the Cascades whistled for time at 7:18, up 24-21. 

After the timeout, Roquemore was fouled shooting, sank one free throw and grabbed the second, a miss.  Harrison scored under the basket to pull the Broncos within three, 27-24 at 5:50.  McArthur's spin move made it 27-26 UFV at 5:08. 

UFV scored four straight. Clark hit a jumper and then a floater to pull the Broncos within one, 31-30 at 1:56.   UFV countered at 1:28.  A Clark free throw was followed by two Cascade buckets inside, 37-31 UFV – the score at the half. 

In the first half Santa Clara shot 39.4 percent, including 7.7 percent from beyond the arc. The Broncos were 4 of 8 from the free throw line (50.0 percent). They collected 22 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 steals and turned the ball over 4 times.  UFV shot 38.7 percent, including 45.5 percent from beyond the arc.  The Cascades were 8 of 11 from the free throw line (72.7 percent).  They collected 22 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and turned the ball over six times.

Santa Clara was led by Clark's nine points.  McArthur added six.  Clark and Raymond Cowels III both collected four rebounds each.  Joel Fiesen led the Cascades with 11 points.  Sam Freeman added seven and Jasper Moedt collected a team-leading six rebounds.

To open the second half McArthur scored on a six-foot jumper at 8:52.  Roquemore made a nifty move under the basket to score at 8:21.  UFV scored a free throw and a bucket, 42-35 UFV. 

After two Harrison free throws, UFV hit a big three. Foster answered with a bucket. 45-39 UFV at 7:09.  Roquemore scored inside and Cowels hit a free throw to make it 45-42 UFV at 5:21.

A Foster steal results in a three by Foster, 49-45 UFV.  The Cascades score three straight to take a 52-45 lead. York drives to the rim, is fouled and sinks one, 52-46 UFV at 2:54. Clark scores a floater, UFV answers twice, 56-48 UFV at 1:37.

York is fouled with :00.8 seconds left and sinks a free throw. 58-53 entering the fourth quarter.

Johnson crushed a three to open the fourth quarter at 9:33, 58-56.  UFV scored four straight.  Cowels stopped the run with a big three at 8:10. 62-59 UFV.

Cowels was on the floor with Johnson, McArthur, Clark and Akwenuke.  After a Cascade turnover, McArthur scored under the basket, 62-61 UFV.

Johnson crushed a three to put the Broncos up 64-62 at 5:12.  After a UFV offensive miscue, the Broncos trotted down the floor and McArthur scored two straight baskets to put SCU up six, 68-62, at 4:10.

UFV scored seven straight.  New five checked in at the whistle: Atanga, Bach, York, Foster and Roquemore. 69-68 UFV.  Roquemore three stops the run, 71-68 Broncos at 1:39.

Roquemore scored a three, they answered. Bach hit one.  Tied up 74-74 with 51 seconds left.  Timeout Broncos with 21.2 seconds left. 


McArthur scored first in the paint.  UFV answered.  Clark drove the lane and scored, 78-76 at 3:15.  UFV answered with a three, 79-78 UFV.  McArthur dumped it in under, 80-79, Broncos at 1:47.

UFV scored five straight before Roquemore hit a jumper and two plays later he scored a pair of free throws to tie it up with 39.1 seconds left. 84-84. 

After a Cascade miss the Broncos dribbled down the court and Roquemore worked the ball around the court, dishing it to Cowels who hit a buzzer-beating three to win 87-84.

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