Basketball Falls in Overtime to UBC

Basketball Falls in Overtime to UBC

Erasing a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter, the Broncos tied it up with 1:32 left in the game on a way-out three by Brandon Clark and then Julian Clarke pushed it to overtime with a covered up three of his own with one second left in regulation.  The Thunderbirds battled to victory in the overtime, coming out on top 98-85.   The game was played under international basketball rules, which features four quarters, a 24-second shot clock, the ball being live when it hits the rim, if a timeout is called the ball moves to the sideline and a wider key.

Because he and his team won the Amazing Race: Bronco Style this morning, assistant coach Dustin Kerns was the head coach tonight with Bronco head coach Kerry Keating sitting further down on the bench.  His starters, his team this morning, were Kevin Foster, Karim, York, Julian Clarke, Yannick Atanga and Phillip Bach. Click here for story, video and photos on Amazing Race: Bronco Style. 

Santa Clara shot 36 percent, including 34.4 percent from beyond the arc. The Broncos were 12 of 21 from the free throw line (57.1 percent). They collected 50 rebounds, 16 assists, eight steals and turned the ball over 19 times.  UBC shot 47.5 percent, including 38.1 percent from beyond the arc.  The Thunderbirds were 34 of 44 from the free throw line (77.3 percent).  They collected 41 rebounds, 11 assists, six steals and turned the ball over 20 times.

Santa Clara put three players in double figures with Clark scoring 11, Foster scoring 14 and Raymond Cowels III scoring 14.  Harrison added nine, York eight and Clarke eight.  Atanga grabbed a team-leading nine rebounds.  UBC was led by Nathan Yu's 38 points.  Doug Plumb added 16, Tommy Nixon 11 and Kamar Burke 11.  Nixon scored seven rebounds for UBC.

"I thought our players really battled hard and battled through a lot of adversity. It was a tough crowd, loud.  Getting down 16 in the fourth quarter and coming all the way back, we showed a lot of fight," said Kerns.  "We made some adjustments during the game and our players handled it pretty well. We did a much better job of limiting our turnovers this game and on the defensive side."

How about working as the head coach tonight?  "I would like to thank coach Keating for the opportunity to do that. You can't put a price tag on the experience I got tonight in doing that. Being able to do everything from A to Z was invaluable learning experience for me in my coaching career."

How is this foreign tour with seven freshmen, including Atanga and Clarke?  "It has been a tremendous growth experience for them on and off the court. They are able to see how we travel from the bus rides, to the meals to lockerroom experiences. Then on the court putting them in these situations is only going to allow them to grow as players," continued Kerns.  "We have a fun group of guys to coach."

Kerry Keating checked in after Kerns on the podium and talked about he experience of sitting further down on the bench.  "It was great. It was awesome to be able to talk to the team more and help teach them. We are here to learn and get better. We have a lot of young guys out there. We are able to put some guys in positions we wouldn't be able to do if we weren't here," said Keating. "The practices and the trip have been great. The trip is the reward for those 10 hard practices in Santa Clara. In the last few days they have done a great job of taking advantage of everything: team bonding, learning about the city, everything. We have a lot of guys left to play in our last two games. I am excited about what will come out of this trip when we get home to digest it."

"It's learning experience for everybody. I am trying to get better and removing myself from being the head coach is helping.  James Ware will be the head coach tomorrow and Sam Scholl will be the head coach Saturday. I am looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday both.  The best part of tonight: we were down 15 with eight to go and 10 to go with two minutes; and we kept fighting.  They had more people here tonight than they did when Kansas played here and that's great. They had a loud crowd. We handled adversity in the right way."

UBC struck first, scoring at 9:42.  Clarke followed with a bucket at 9:18.  Clarke was fouled at 7:56 and sank one.  York scored to make it 7-4 Broncos and then UBC added a bucket, 7-6 Broncos.

Tommy Nixon added a layup for UBC to make it 8-7 UBC.  Niyi Harrison checked in with Brandon Clark, Denzel Johnson and Raymond Cowels III.  A three-point play put the Thunderbirds up 11-7 at 5:14.

The Thunderbirds took a 15-7 lead on two free throws by Nathan Yu at 3:58.  At 3:44 Cowels was fouled when making a basket and made the free throw to make it 15-10 UBC.

UBC scored its second three point play of the quarter to push its lead to 18-10 at 3:34. In checked Jordan Akwenuke, Robert Garrett and Kyle Perricone for the first time. 

Clark sank a three at 3:22 and then another at 2:58, UBC 18-16.  Evan Roquemore checked in for the first time at 2:52. 

UBC scored five straight to finish the first quarter up 23-16.  York's sky-high tip in helped the Broncos score first in the second quarter at 8:47.  Yu scored another three point play to put UBC up 27-18 at 7:28. 

Clarke dishes to Bach for the bucket, UBC up 26-20 at 7:15.  Clarke scored quick, but UBC added three free throws in four tries to push the lead to 29-22 at 5:11. 

Nakai Luyken had a break-away steal and dunk attempt, but he hung on the rim about five seconds trying to put it away and was whistled for a technical foul and no basket was awarded.  Clarke made one of the free throws, 29-23 UBC at 2:25.

Timeout UBC at 1:54, up 29-23.  UBC hit a bucket out of the timeout, 31-23 UBC.  A charge was called on YU when he tried to crush McArthur on the way to the basket.  Atanga scored to cut the lead to six at 1:02. 

Foster drained a three, his first of the game, to make it 31-28 UBC.  UBC scored with time running out to take a 34-28 lead to the lockerrom at the half.

In the first half, Santa Clara shot 28.9 percent, including 20.0 percent from beyond the arc. The Broncos were 3 of 7 from the free throw line (42.9 percent). They collected 27 rebounds, seven assists, three steals and turned the ball over 10 times.  UBC shot 39.3 percent, including 11.1 percent from beyond the arc.  The Thunderbirds were 11 of 17 from the free throw line (64.7 percent).  They collected 20 rebounds, 10 assists, three steals and turned the ball over 10 times.

Individually Santa Clara was led by Clarke's five points and Atanga's four rebounds.  Yu scored 14 for UBC.

 Starting the second half was Foster, McArthur, Clark, Cowels and Atanga.  Foster drained a three at 9:42 to start the third quarter, 34-31 UBC.  Kamar Burke dunked the ball at 9:02 – 36-31 UBC. 

Foster sank another three at 8:32, 36-34 UBC. UBC went on a 5-0 run but Atanga scored on a put-back and Cowels was fouled shooting, and he made a free throw at 6:41.  Yu added two free throws to make the lead six again at 6:32.

Cowels drained a three at 5:57.  UBC then went on a 10-0 run before Roquemore drained his first three of the night to make it 50-43 at 4:21.  Harrison was fouled hard when in the act of dunking and he sank both, 50-45 UBC at 4:02.

A three by UBC was followed by a dunk by York. The teams traded baskets before York scored and Atanga sank a free throw, 56-52 UBC.

Two more UBC free throws and then two buckets gave UBC a 62-52 lead to end the third quarter. 

Opening the fourth quarter with Foster, McArthur, Johnson, Bach and Atanga on the floor.  UBC scored a bucket first and then added a pair of free throws by Yu to post its largest lead of the night, 14 points, 66-52.

Foster hit a pair of free throws.  Kamar Burke drained a three with the clock winding down and Roquemore answered with a jumper.  Foster hit a floater at 7:42 to cut the lead to 11, 69-58 UBC.

Harrison made a free throw at 5:24.  Cowels dumped in a bucket at 4:54 and hit a three at 4:26. Timeout T-Birds. Harrison scored at 3:50 to cut the T-Birds lead to five, 71-66.  Nixon's put back after four missed T-Bird shots stopped the run, 73-66.

Harrison stepped to the line to made both free throws, 73-68 T-Birds at 3:02.  Cowels steal was followed by Harrison's put-back, 73-70 T-Birds at 2:24.

Clark's way-out three tied it up at 73-73 at 1:32, a 19-7 run by the Broncos.  A pair of free throws by Nixon made it 75-73 UBC at 1:17.

UBC hit a big basket with 42 seconds left. Timeout Santa Clara with 39 seconds left. Harrison's shot rimmed out with 33 seconds left and Cowels immediately fouled Yu.  Yu sank a free throw with 31 seconds left.  78-73 UBC. 

Timeout Broncos. Fellow Canadian Clarke's three hit pay-dirt with 27 seconds left.  After a five-second violation by the T-Birds, Clark's inbounds ball was too high for Clarke.

Timeout T-Birds with 22 seconds left.  Inbounding the ball, Cowels fouled Yu with 18 seconds on the clock.  He missed the first and made the second, his 30th point of the game.  79-76 UBC.

Timeout Santa Clara.  Cowels inbounded to Foster.  After dribbling around a bit, Roquemore passed to a very-covered up Clarke who threw in a way-out shot and it made it in. A Three! He was 0-6 at that point from beyond the three. 79-79 with one second left. Overtime!

After the Broncos scored first in overtime, the T-Birds hit a three and Cowels answered with a floater at 4:02, 83-82 Broncos.  UBC went on an 11-0 run including a slew of free throws and a three-pointer and went up 93-83 with 1:32 left.

Yu scored his 38th point of the night on a three, 93-83 UBC.  Akwenuke scored a bucket to stop the run.

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