November 11, 2010

Bach Has Come a Long Way to Junior Season

Written By Student Assistant Chelsea Flintoft '14

Born in Paris France, Phillip Bach and his family moved to Medina, Wash. at a young age where his father then introduced him to the game of basketball. After a successful high school career at Bellevue High, including several years playing on an AAU team, Bach was forming into an excellent player. He came to Santa Clara in the summer of 2008 and did not know what to expect as an un-recruited walk-on for the men's basketball team. After putting in a huge amount of hard work over the years, today the junior's role has changed significantly.

"My role really changed last year during my sophomore season. I was now expected to contribute in both practice and games whenever my number was called. I played a small role in several games and was able to gain some valuable playing experience," said Bach.

He gives a lot of credit to the older players, especially Nate Mensah, for helping him become a better basketball player and gain confidence over the years.

"Coach Keating and the rest of the coaching staff and managers also have helped my game tremendously," Bach adds. "Specifically, they are always driving me to be better and remain focused.  I am a very energetic person and they have especially helped me channel that energy into making the right play, staying focused on both my personal and team goals as well as getting my teammates better."

During the 2010 preseason, he feels like he as defined himself more in the three-point shooting area. "I really worked on my jump-shot, specifically from behind the 3pt arc. I want this part of my game to be my go-to or definable skill."

Also, by adding extra summer workouts in with some of his other teammates, Bach says that this has translated well into practice and overall gives the team a higher level of intensity.

Even as a junior, the marketing major and communications minor admits that it still takes a lot of will-power to remain focused off the court. "Over the last two years I have learned a lot regarding time management and making sure you stay on top of your studies while also going to practice and games ready to compete. It has been difficult this quarter, as I am balancing my work with Microsoft Student Partners in addition to school and basketball."

The most important things are the small things to Bach. "Over the last two years I have learned that doing the small things helps the most: getting 8+ hours of sleep per night, eating the right food and keeping up with a consistent workload throughout the quarter is important so that you can avoid being slammed during midterms and finals."

After getting accepted to Santa Clara University, Bach made the decision himself to play Division I basketball—a thought many young players do not to even consider. He is a great example to kids who are unsure if they want to play collegiate sports or not.

When asked about his goals for the 2010-11 season, Bach said, "This year, we hope to win the WCC and earn a bid into the NCAA Tournament. Regardless of preseason rankings and people's opinions, this is the goal we set every year and we truly believe that this year, with our talent, depth, experience and team chemistry we will be able to put together a full season."