October 20, 2010

McArthur Puts in Hard Work

By Carolyn Linck, '11

A product of De La Salle High School in nearby Danville, Calif., newcomer John McArthur, a 6'9 forward, came to Santa Clara ready to compete.  Having spent his summer at SCU taking classes and working out with teammates, McArthur has had a smooth transition to college life off the court.  Looking forward to his freshman season, McArthur hopes his basketball transition goes equally well.

"It definitely helped that I was here this summer.  I learned the campus and just got used to being on my own," said McArthur.  "I'm pretty comfortable here now. I'd say the biggest thing I'm still adjusting to is balancing everything.  I have to manage my time between basketball, doing well in school and having some free time for myself."

While the balancing act can be difficult, it is rewarding.  McArthur hopes that by putting in hard work now he'll excel academically and when the season starts.

"I know the hard work I'm putting in now will pay off when we start playing games.  I can't wait for my first game, playing in Leavey.  There is always a great and supportive crowd and I just want to go out and win games," said McArthur.  "I won't be nervous for my first game, but I'm already excited for it."

McArthur knows the entire team is on the same page.

"We all have the same goals.  I think I speak for the entire program when I say we want to win more and are going to accomplish that playing as hard as we can every day."

Off the court, McArthur likes to hang out with his friends, to going boating and tubing on local lakes and hanging out with his teammates, laughing.  McArthur is also a movie buff.  "I like all different categories.  My favorites are Gladiator, 300, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, Remember the Titans and Hoosiers."

McArthur laughs when asked who would play him in a movie and then turns serious.  "Bradley Cooper of course."

How often does he get mistaken for the Steeler's Ben Roethlisberger. "Whenever I wear a backwards cap or a beanie," he said laughing.  "A few others on my team look like someone famous, too. Robert Smith looks like the rapper SisQo.  Raymond Cowels looks like Detroit's Jason Maxiell.  Beau Gamble looks a lot like a younger Coach Kerns."