October 4, 2010

Kevin Foster Healthy and Ready for Season

Bronco basketball junior Kevin Foster (KF) lead all WCC freshmen in scoring in 2008, but unfortunately suffered a broken foot early last season. Choosing to use the redshirt season as a learning opportunity, Foster looks forward to the 2010-11 season and garners high hopes for himself and teammates. Recently, www.santaclarbroncos.com (SCB) sat down with Foster to discuss his recovery process, the improved aspects of his game and his goals for the upcoming season.

By Kelsey Houlihan, '11

SCB: How do you feel physically and mentally about stepping back out on the court after months of not being able to play due to injury?

KF: I didn't realize how much I would miss basketball until I was forced to sit out and watch everyone else play. My foot is fully healed, and I am definitely excited to play. I truly try to cherish every game now because I never know when it can be taken away from me. I realized just how much I love the game, and I'm so excited to start up again.

SCB: Your brother Rodney played basketball at Rice University and then overseas in Germany. How has he influenced you on and off the court?

KF: Rodney is five years older than me, and we played ball growing up constantly together, so of course I look up to him. As we grew older, he always set a positive example for me as to what was the right and wrong way to act on and off the court. My brother and parents acted as a great support system for me over the past year dealing with injury. They told me everything happens for a reason, and kept my outlook positive.

SCB: What do you think are the strongest attributes of your game, and what do you need to improve?

KF: Sitting out has helped me read the floor a lot better, and I'm starting to be able to read the plays before they happen. So I would have to say that court vision is my best attribute. Now that I can identify weakness in the opponents' offense however, I still need to work on my defense in order to exploit whatever flaw I find.

SCB: With preseason play a month away how is the team preparing?

KF: We've been conditioning extremely hard. We all understand that winning is not easy, and that we must work hard every single day. Beyond just working on endurance and specialized skills though we are really excited and have the right mentality. We've all really been clicking during open gyms, and have adopted the attitude that we cannot settle.

SCB: As a freshman you broke Steve Nash's single season record by making 85 three-pointers in a single season. How does it feel to be linked to such a great player, and do you think you will be able to break your own record? 

KF: Whenever you're linked to somebody liked Steve Nash it's definitely an honor, but that three-point record and any other record for that matter, don't just belong to me. I owe any accomplishment to my teammates because we work together to achieve success. So I'm definitely not looking to break any personal records this season. I'm just looking to win for the team, and if records are broken along the way that's just fine with me.

Go Broncos!