Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Utah

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Dick Davey, on game: "Tonight was a nice win for us. Utah is an aggressive, physical team and we were able to do some things fairly well against them. We played a more regular rotation tonight and the team responded well to that."

Davey, on team's health: "We have had four or five years of injury problems but right now we are pretty healthy. If we can keep our guys on the court and not in the training room, I think that we can be a pretty good team."

Davey, looking ahead to Cal on Monday: "We will have our hands full obviously so we will go up there and see what we can do. That is the kind of game that will show you what kind of team you are because we have to go on the road against a good team."

Sean Denison, on game: "We are really pleased with the game tonight. We came out tonight against a very good team and stepped up and played well. The team is confident and we believe in ourselves but we had not gotten to play in a big game yet to prove anything. It was nice to get a win in our first big test."

Denison, on start to season: "It is nice to get off to a good start personally because I have had some injuries the past two seasons so I have not contributed like I wanted to. I just hope to stay healthy this year and see what happens."

Calvin Johnson, on game: "Utah is a good team so tonight is a confidence-booster for us. We cut down on our turnovers and played a better game tonight than our first game. We performed at a higher level in every area of our game."

Johnson, on team's hot shooting: "All of our guards are pretty good shooters and we even have big men that can shoot the ball also. The coaches encourage us to shoot whenever we are open, and on this team, everyone works to find the open man so we can all get some good looks at the basket."

Johnson, on defense: "Coach is always telling us to play good defense and the offense will come. We really focused on that tonight and that helped us get going in the first half."

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