Quotes - San Diego at Santa Clara

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Head coach Dick Davey, on game: "You have to give San Diego credit. They played a very good game tonight and pushed us. In our league every game is very competitive and it forces the players to play at a high level."

Davey, on Senior Night: "Sometimes on Senior Night, the players come out and try to do too much because they are so pumped up. Tonight we focused on just playing basketball right from the start. I think that guys went out and did a good job and I am really proud of this entire senior class. They have meant a lot to this program."

Davey, on final home game: "It was a hard day because every thing was the last time I would do something. I would kind of rather it be the first, but I am 64 years old so that is not really possible. I almost broke down out there a bit, but I held it together."

Davey, on final home game: "I didn't want the night to be about me, but it was nice to see so many people out there tonight. We had a lot of former players come back and it was great to see them. It makes you feel good and it makes you feel like you have done something right to have so many people out there supporting you. I appreciated the fans sticking around at the end."

Davey, on team: "Our team has really improved this year. We have been playing better every game. We need to keep it up and go down to Los Angeles and have two good games."

Senior Scott Dougherty, on emotions of game: "It has been a tough this week. There are a lot of emotions and there were a lot of things on the line tonight. Getting the win was the most important thing and we were able to do that and keep our momentum going. Winning the game for coach Davey was important to the team tonight and we got our 20th win and that feels good also."

Dougherty, on Coach Davey: "In my opinion, he is one of the greatest coaches that anyone could ever have. It says a lot about him that he wanted to step out of the spotlight and let us have our Senior Night. He is a great person. I am glad that we got him to go back out there after the game so that the fans could recognize him. He deserves it. I just wish that we could have gotten a microphone in his hands."

Dougherty, on team's goals: "We have had three goals all year long. We want to win the league, win the league tournament and go to the NCAA Tournament. We need to keep pushing if we want to accomplish those goals."

Junior Mitch Henke, on winning game for the seniors and coach Davey: "You always want to send the seniors out on a high note and we wanted to do the same for coach Davey. It was great to come out here and play hard all game and grind out a victory."

Henke, on clinching a top two seed in the conference tournament: "It is a nice accomplishment, but we have been working all year to win the league and we still have two games to go. We have to take care of business next weekend to achieve our goal."

Senior Brandon Rohe, on Senior Night: "I feel lucky to have been a part of tonight's game. The gym was packed and all of the seniors went out with a win. Also, it was a little more special since it was coach Davey's last home game. It was an exciting night."

Rohe, on winning 20 games: "It is amazing to reach 20 wins in my final season. That is not our ultimate goal though. We have to keep going."

Rohe, on coach Davey: "He is a great person and that is what makes him a great coach to play for. He is always honest and fair and he lets you know where you stand. I have always appreciated that."

Senior Sean Denison, on his night: "I had a slow start to the game tonight. I got a lot of good looks early and I couldn't finish. It was nice to come back from that and have a decent game and help the team win."

Denison, on two free throws to slow San Diego's rally: "Coach Davey noticed something about my release earlier in the year so I corrected that problem. Since I made the change I have been a lot more successful at the line. You have to give him credit for helping me make those."

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