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Saint Mary's

Randy Bennett:

Opening Remarks:
"Any time we play Santa Clara, it's going to be a tough physical game with a lot of fouls. This was no different. We were fortunate down the stretch, made a few shots and were able to win."

On strategy vs. Altheimer:
"We put Adam (Caporn) on Altheimer. He's killed us the last few games. It helped us keep him from scoring. Adam has good size and I think it affected the way he shot the ball. We did a good job defensively down the stretch and it started with Adam."

On improved play of Frederic Adjiwanou:
"One reason Fred started taking off was because his coach started playing him more than six minutes a game."

On matchup with Pepperdine tomorrow:
"It's a contrast in styles. They're a wide open team and can shoot the ball. We played them two times this season and we split. It should be a great college basketball game."

Frederic Adjiwanou:

On his improved play:
"I believe in my teammates, I believe in myself. I tell myself to go and play hard. I'm just playing basketball. When I get the ball, I just go to the basket or get it to my teammates. It's a team game, not an individual game. They did very well and got me the ball down low."

Adam Caporn:

On team's recent performance:
"It has something to do with Fred playing so well. If they have to double-team him, it opens up shots. It really has to do with him playing at the level that he is."

On his play in the second half:
"It wasn't an easy game. They're physical and play hard. I put up a shot and tried to get into space. I missed my next shot and Fred put it back. I think it was just a lot of effort on his part."

Santa Clara

Dick Davey:

Opening Remarks:
"All the credit goes to Saint Mary's. They played with great passion and had a great run in the second half. I think our guys played hard but we just didn't come up with the key baskets down the stretch."

On SMC shutting down Altheimer:
"You don't rely on just one person. They did a good job on him but it's hard to score 51 points and win a college basketball game. We weren't able to get ourselves going offensively."

On general team play:
"We were fouling too much. It's hard when you give them free throws. I'm sure they out rebounded us. We turned it over more than they did. Our offensive efficiency needs to get better, that's something we need to really go back and work on. We need to execute our offense so we can score points."

Jordon Legge:

On strategy in defending Frederic Adjiwanou:
"Our plan was to stop him and we wanted to double team him. When we double-teamed him, he still got the ball and was able score. We didn't do a good job of playing him like we should have."

On general team play:
"They played better than us. They finished better than we did. We didn't get great looks at the basket down the stretch and they were able to make key shots."

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