The Man Behind the Mike

The Man Behind the Mike
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    Play-by-play announcer Dave Lewis enters his 11th season calling Santa Clara University men's basketball on the radio in 2005-2006. He also writes a regular column on the Broncos' official athletic website entitiled "View From Behind the Mike" that will focus on the passion and excitement of Santa Clara basketball. You can catch Dave on the radio each evening on 740 KCBS-AM when he is not attending a Bronco hoops event.

    Check out this interview with Dave prior to the 2002-03 season.

    Q: How many years have you done Bronco hoops on the radio.

    A: "This will be my eighth season of broadcasting Bronco men's basketball."

    Q: What would you consider your career highlight.

    A: "Honestly, being one of the few on-air personalities that was on the air at the time of the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. Very few stations were on the air and I was the eyes and ears for a great deal of people in San Jose. The next day, I was part of the relief effort, broadcasting from a water truck in Santa Cruz after traversing a road that had been shut down because of rock slides. It wasn't a buzzer beating jump shot, but it was incredibly fulfilling."

    Q: What is the greatest Bronco moment you have been a part of.

    A: "A pair of 19-point comebacks: The Marquette game in Brian Jones' freshman season and last year's WCC semifinal game against Pepperdine. The first was the coming out for B.J. and was the team's first win after losses to Kansas and Fresno State. I believe it was the first step, and a big one, toward winning the conference title. The Pepperdine game had so many heroes, including Justin Holbrook, Steve Ross and Kyle Bailey. And, B.J making a couple of huge baskets after missing about 10 shots in a row. After that game, I believed it was B.J.'s destiny to lead the team to the Big Dance."

    Q: Can you talk about your radio experiences during your career.

    A: "I began my career in Riverside, Calif. At KGGI-FM before moving to San Diego. My big break came in 1988 when I was hired as the evening personality at KWSS in San Jose. That station put me on the map in this market and I still come across listeners who were around as kids. I also worked in San Francisco at Wild 107 and back to San Jose at KHQT (Hot 97.7). During that time, I did some games for the campus station at San Jose State, which provided me the tape to give to Santa Clara in 1995. When I was working for KHQT, I was the emcee for Art Santodomingo's banquet and I met Carroll Williams and Dick Davey. When my station went off the air, I decided I didn't want to play rap music anymore and approached the university with the idea of doing their games on the radio. The rest is history. Shortly after getting the Broncos on the air, I hooked-up with Shadow Broadcasting in San Francisco and, eventually, became the evening sports anchor at KCBS, where I have been for the last four years."

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