Jason Seever Is Ready For Action

Jason Seever
Jason Seever

Freshman Jason Seever has had a great all around year so far. Seever, being an impactful freshman pitcher, is looking forward to the weekend against LMU.

Written by: Sarah Jackson '14

SCB: Overall, how has your freshman year been for you so far?

JS: Overall, freshman year has been going great. Being away from home has been a fun experience and hanging out with teammates is a good time. The good thing about baseball is you get to meet so many great people and create friendships that would have never occurred if it weren't for the sport.

SCB: Why did you choose Santa Clara?

JS: I chose Santa Clara because it had a beautiful campus, an awesome baseball facility, and the coaches were great people that I would love to spend my college career with. Also it was close to home so I could visit my family whenever and my parents and friends could come out and see me play. 

SCB: Being an impactful freshman pitcher, how would you say your season has been going personally for you?

JS: Being a freshman and being able to help the team when they need me has been an honor. It has also been humbling for the coaches to trust me when put in certain situations. Overall my season has been an exciting one and hope to be successful in my role in helping the team. 

SCB: Being from around the area, has your family and friends been able to attend a majority of your games so far? If so, what has that meant for you?

JS: My parents and brother have attended most home games this season and even traveled on the road with us to watch our games. Friends have even came out to a couple games which is really cool because most kids don't get to play in front of their supporters. My parents are the reason I am getting the chance play college baseball so for them to be able to watch me play is really the main reason I chose to come to Santa Clara. 

SCB: Having a huge sweep over USD, what are you looking forward to this weekend against LMU?

JS: Sweeping USD was an awesome time. It required offense, defense, and pitching and everyone did their part so it was a great team effort. As for LMU this weekend, the past is over and it really means nothing unless we go out and continue to defeat whoever we play. 

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