Catching Up With Newcomer Rory Graf-Brennen

Catching Up With Newcomer Rory Graf-Brennen

Written by Kennedy Dinius '17

As a freshman on the baseball team, Rory Graf-Brennen (RG-B) is working on his game as well as being the best teammate possible. Although training has been tough, the team has performed well with the help of Graf-Brennen. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) had the chance to talk with Graf-Brennen abut his first season on the collegiate field. 

SCB: As a freshman, what do you hope to bring to the team? 

RG-B: What I hope to bring to the team is great energy everyday and be the best teammate I can. I want to work my tail off in practice to get myself better and become a better teammate. Also do what I can in games to help us win. 

SCB: What made you want to play baseball at Santa Clara? 

RG-B: The coaches here are amazing and the field is the nicest in country, but what really sold me was the beautiful campus and the great academic support here. It is one big family atmosphere here at Santa Clara University.

SCB: Do you have any pre-game rituals? 

RG-B: My pre game rituals are I always need to eat something an hour and a half before a game and also hit off the tee to warm my hands and body up. I also get five sprints in ten minutes before the game. 

SCB: What has training been like with the season up-and-running? 

RG-B: The training has been perfect to get our team ready for this season. This year we all worked our tails off in the offseason. Our season training is a workout once a week with Sparta and the rest we do on our own.  We are going to have a great season this year. I'm excited to go battle with my teammates and to show the world Santa Clara baseball is back to full power.

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