Zapata Gets Ready for Baseball Season

Zapata Gets Ready for Baseball Season

SCB: It's your second season as a Bronco since you transferred, what are you looking forward to most about this season?

DZ: I'm just looking forward to playing in some baseball games this year. We've had a fantastic offseason and I'm just looking forward to competing against another team.

SCB: Your first game is coming up on 2/14 against Nevada, what are you working on in practice to get the W?

DZ: We aren't doing anything specific for Nevada which is a norm in baseball. Baseball is one of those sports that you do your best to play your game and not worry about your opponent.

SCB: Any game(s) in particular that you're looking forward to this season?

DZ: I can't say that there is one specific game I'm looking forward to, just ready to play some baseball.

SCB: What's your favorite thing about the team?

DZ: I just love everyone that is a part of bronco baseball: my teammates, our coaches, and all the other staff. I really enjoy being at the yard.

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