Peter Summerville Reflects on his Mental and Physical Growth

Peter Summerville Reflects on his Mental and Physical Growth

Written by: Cali Reis

Despite having to medically redshirt his freshman year, Peter Summerville reflects on his personal growth on and off the field as he heads into the 2014 baseball season. Summerville has used his time away from the team to fine tune and improve in order to help his team be the best they can. While coming back for a fifth year is still up in the air, Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) caught up with Summerville to talk about his journey so far.

SCB: Having endured a pretty significant back injury freshman year, how have you recovered from such a tough first year?

PS: My back injury freshman year was definitely a challenge, however I think that it has made me better as my career has gone on. The psychology behind any injury can be a challenge as well, but with the help of our trainers and coaching staff I feel better than ever. Looking back, being able to sit back and observe the game from that perspective has helped me slow the game down and helped me become a better catcher.

SCB: What are some of your feelings heading into the first game of your season?

PS: Excitement is definitely the word I would use. Beginning any new baseball season is very special, however this year we have a very unique group of guys who are eager to go to battle with another opponent. 

SCB: How have you been preparing for your last season of bronco baseball?

PS: As a team we have been preparing ever since the moment season ended last year. During the summer I really worked on some of the finer catching mechanics and hitting drills while playing for a summer team in Walnut Creek. Once we got back to school, the team has been very committed to getting better everyday in some aspect.

SCB: As senior year winds down, have you made any plans for post-graduation?

PS: I have not made any plans as of right now. I have an extra year of eligibility from sitting out my freshman year, so I have that as one of my options to play one more year. I am currently applying to graduate school and taking the GMAT exam to obtain a masters degree while playing my final year of collegiate baseball.

SCB: When the season ends, what do you think you're going to miss most about this year's team?

PS: I will definitely miss the team chemistry that this team in particular has. With the group of guys this coaching staff has assembled, there is a special bond between everyone that is very unique. We have put in an incredible amount of work as a group, and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

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