Max Deering Helps Lead the Broncos to a Winning Season

Max Deering Helps Lead the Broncos to a Winning Season

Written by Calisa Reis '14

Max Deering, a senior pitcher finished strong in 2013 after appearing in 33 games. Deering also finished the year tied for the most saves on the team. As his final season approaches, Deering tells Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) that he will look to his teammates to ensure a successful year.

SCB: As a senior leader, what would you say your biggest responsibility is this season?

MD: As a senior leader, it's important for me to show the younger guys how a Bronco goes about his business on and off the field. One thing that is cool about our program is that leadership roles do not rest solely on the shoulders of the seniors. Everyone on our team can be a leader and it is the responsibility of the whole team to hold themselves and others accountable. 

SCB: Is there anything different about your mentality this season?

MD: I have dedicated this year to creating the best experience for the younger guys on the team. It's easy to get caught up in the "this is my senior year" mindset. I try to remind myself that the fact that this is my senior year is no more important than the fact that this is a lot of guy's freshman, sophomore, or junior year. 

SCB: What are some of your personal goals to start this new season?

MD: I want to build lasting relationships with my teammates and coaches. I know when I look back on my career as a Bronco there may be a couple games that I'll remember, but the best memories will be the time I have invested with my teammates. 

SCB: What has it been like integrating the new freshman into the team?

MD: The freshmen are great. Our coaching staff did a tremendous job of not just recruiting very gifted athletes but awesome human beings. They bring a lot of energy and have been very receptive of all the information the older guys and coaching staff have laid out for them. They also came in with a little bit of an edge to prove themselves which has motivated the veterans on the team to work even harder. 

SCB: What are you most looking forward to?

MD: I'm looking forward to all the memories that will be made this season with my brothers and to becoming closer and closer with this group of studs. My only wish for this season is to dog pile, and I know that if this group continues to grow closer with one another, wins will take care of themselves, and we will dog pile. 

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