All Summer Long: Greg Harisis Talks Wisconsin and the Northwoods League

All Summer Long: Greg Harisis Talks Wisconsin and the Northwoods League

By Grace Vickers, Volunteer Assistant

Bronco baseball's Greg Harisis, a standout player who had a solid junior season is continuing his journey to success while playing summer baseball in the Northwoods League. The Northwoods League is a very competitive summer league with teams from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Canada. Harisis plays for the Eau Claire Express in Wisconisin. 

Harisis finished the 2013 season with multiple stats in the top three category of the team, including a batting average of .293, 27 runs, 49 hits, 9 doubles, 25 RBI and 13 stolen bases on 15 attempts. 

We had a chance to ask Harisis a few questions about his experience so far in the Midwest. 

SCU: What is a typical day of summer ball like?

GH: It's quite simple but I'm loving it. I pretty much get up, eat breakfast, go workout, eat some more... Then go play a game of baseball, eat some more, then go to sleep and do it all again the next day!

SCU: Where are some of your teammates from? 

GH: My teammates are from all over the country. We have teammates from California to Miami and as far up as Minnesota and as far south as Texas.

SCU: You're going into your senior year. What do you hope to learn this summer to prepare you for your final season of collegiate baseball? What are some of the skills you are working on?

GH: I'm learning the ins and outs of playing every day which is a lot of fun. I'm primarily working on hitting offspeed pitches early in counts as that was something I struggled with this season.

SCU: Any fun stories you have for us about your summer season so far? Do you have a favorite away stadium to play at?

GH: There's lots of long bus rides and we've been playing Mafia and some other fun games to kill the time so there's all kinds of inside jokes we have with each other that carry on to the field. I love our home stadium but we go to Madison this week which apparently has some huge crowds so I'm looking forward to that.

SCU: What are you most looking forward to when you return to SCU next semester?

GH: I'm just looking forward to being back with the guys and working together again to have a successful season.

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