All Summer Long: Peter Summerville with the Walnut Creek Crawdads

All Summer Long: Peter Summerville with the Walnut Creek Crawdads

By Grace Vickers, Volunteer Assistant

Peter Summerville, who will be a senior next season for the Santa Clara Broncos baseball team is playing for the Walnut Creek Crawdads. Summerville, a 6'2" catcher who appeared in 35 games in the 2013 season, is looking forward to the high level of competition that the Far West League has to offer.

Summerville hails from Seattle, Wash., but decided to stay in the Bay Area this summer to play summer baseball. He looks forward to improving his game offensively and defensively, as well as continuing to step into a leadership role on the field, as he will be a key player for the Broncos next season.

We had a chance to ask Summerville a few questions about his summer so far.

SCU: What is a typical day of summer ball like?

PS: A typical summer ball day for myself would be waking up anytime between 7-9am. Then I head to 24-hour fitness with my teammate Max Deering. After, I go home and get a meal in and take a quick break before heading to the field to either get early hitting or defense in before the game. After the game I will generally go home and have a nice meal with my host family. This summer has been a nice set up with my host family here in Walnut Creek.

SCU: Where are some of your teammates from? Are any of your teammates from far or interesting places?

PS: Surprisingly, most of my teammates are from the bay area, generally from some of the top Junior Colleges. Another handful of D1 area guys are from Cal and Santa Clara. There are also some players from Georgia and Alabama.

SCU: What do you hope to learn this summer? What are some of the skills you are working on?

PS: This summer I want to work on consistency both offensively and defensively. Becoming a leader behind the plate is something that I will continue to develop this summer and take into next season for the Broncos.

SCU: Any fun stories you have for us about your summer season so far?

PS: Last week I showed up at our home field and the head coach abruptly stopped me. He proceeded to say "Pete, you're behind the dish tonight, and you got a left handed knuckle pitcher you have to catch…have fun with that!" Nevertheless, I went on to catch a good game and catch my first knuckle ball in an actual game. We ended up winning the ball game, which was nice.

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