Baseball player, Matt Ozanne, Reflects on His Time Here at SCU

Baseball player, Matt Ozanne, Reflects on His Time Here at SCU

Kendra Cavaney '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.Matt Ozanne (MO), a senior from Scottsdale, Arizona reflects on his time here as a player for the men's baseball team. He finished his senior season with 23 runs and 24 RBI, both ranking in the top-three for the team. Ozanne also happens to have a twin brother, Drew, who is on the team as well. In 2009, Matt was drafted by the MLB to the Arizona Diamondbacks. (SCB) was able to get in a quick interview with Ozanne to ask about his overall experience here at SCU the past four years.

SCB: Overall, how did you think you did personally and as a team this season?

MO: As a team we struggled to pull out the win in a lot of close games and extra innings games. Although our record indicates a terrible season, if we learn to do the little things correctly a lot of those losses will turn into wins. I think our team learned a lot about themselves and the game and we will continue to grow and build on the freshman class.

SCB: How do you usually prepare yourself before games?

 MO: Before games I usually get there an hour before stretching and go out to the cage and do my hitting routine off the tee. Then I go into the training room for any necessary treatment. Once we finish batting practice I usually have food to eat during our pregame meeting as a team. Then I head out to warm up my arm, take infield-outfield and then do my stretching routine. Once my personal stretching is done we do a few sprints as a team and then it's game time!

SCB: How has it been playing with your twin, Drew, at Santa Clara these past 4 years?

MO: Playing with Drew has been nothing out of the ordinary since we have been playing together our whole lives. However, it was a surprise when we found out we would be playing at Santa Clara together. We just thought it was such a long shot that we would both end up at the same school.

SCB: Even though you both play different positions, whose the better twin, you or Drew?

MO: I think we are too different to compare but if I were to give a few strengths it would be: Drew is more of a contact hitter and better with two strikes. I am more of a drive the ball hitter and I am faster.

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