Santa Clara Head Coach Dan O'Brien Working to Build Baseball Program

Santa Clara Head Coach Dan O'Brien Working to Build Baseball Program

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Santa Clara head coach Dan O'Brien has high hopes for himself and the team's future as he finishes up the 2013 season this weekend and looks forward to his third year beginning. O'Brien and the Broncos are almost through their season, and although it has been a tough year, O'Brien is looking to end the season on a high note.

"It's been a tough season and it's certainly been challenging at times, but that is part of building a program," said O'Brien. "One of my favorite quotes is, 'Without struggle, there is no progress' by Fredrick Douglas. Nobody wants to say it or talk about it, but this window is helping us grow as individuals and a program. We will look back at these years as our most important in terms of growth. So while I'm hopeful that our season ends well, I'm more focused on the lessons that can be learned, the growth that can be made, so that we can continue to build something special here at Santa Clara. "

O'Brien has quickly adapted to Santa Clara, and is helping the team battle through their ups and downs. Much like any new coach, O'Brien wants to see this program take off and achieve great things, so no matter what the scoreboard says, O'Brien knows that his players are learning valuable lessons that will better them as athletes.

"In my first two years I've learned a lot about the culture of Santa Clara," explained O'Brien. "I coach to help young men learn invaluable life skills learned by playing this great game. The Jesuit culture on this campus is awesome, and we simply want to do our part to reflect those values and instill them into our program however possible."

This weekend the Broncos will play their final games of the 2013 season. The Broncos have a strong recruiting class for next year, so O'Brien will have a lot to work with to make the Santa Clara baseball program one of the best. 

Check out some recruits: Tyler Alev, Max Kuhns and Garrett Doane. The others can be found on

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