Get to Know Ben Campopiano

Get to Know Ben Campopiano

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.- From Capitol Hill to the baseball field, second year director of baseball operations Ben Campopiano reflects back on the 2013 season for the Broncos and his journey here. After spending a few years in politics, Campopiano realized that politics weren't satisfying his needs, so he decided to head back to what he knew best, coaching baseball.

"Even before I went into politics, I was doing a lot of coaching, so I always had it in my blood," said Campopiano. "And after spending a few years in the political world, I missed coaching and working with young players and wanted to make a career of it."

The last two years have been a transition for Campopiano, from high school coach to managing all the operations of a college team, including travel arrangements and facilities. So far though, no complaints from Campopiano and he says he has had a smooth transition into the Santa Clara program.

The Broncos have nearly wrapped up their 2013 season, and Campopiano is already looking forward to the next season. He believes in the abilities of this program and hopes to build off of the foundation this season laid down for the program.

"It's going to take time to achieve success here, but I believe that we have the right system and staff in place to win at the highest levels and compete for championships year in and year out."

Broncos Fall to Cal 3-1
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