Bronco Baseball Pitching Coach Gabe Ribas Talks About His Second Season at Santa Clara

Bronco Baseball Pitching Coach Gabe Ribas Talks About His Second Season at Santa Clara

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Pitching coach and recruiting coordinator Gabe Ribas joined the Bronco baseball staff last year alongside head coach Dan O'Brien. In just his second year on the Mission campus, Ribas has recruited two strong freshman classes that have contributed to the Broncos success this season.

"The first year is always interesting," said Ribas "I think we did a great job of targeting a group of freshmen who were talented and possessed really high character. Our coaching staff understands that it takes time for players to develop and we are committed to helping that happen every day. Expect big things from the next few classes of Bronco baseball players."

In his first year acting as the recruiting coordinator, Ribas recruited nine freshman including Reece Karalus, Jake Steffens and Kert Woods, three big freshman contributors to the team this season. Along with recruiting these freshmen, Ribas also acts as the pitching coach and will help develop Karalus and Steffens, along with the other Broncos pitchers throughout their careers here at Santa Clara.

"Throughout this year, I think what we have seen is growth," added Ribas. "This team continues to work hard to establish a culture of hard work and achievement, both in baseball and in their everyday lives. I look forward to watching our guys grow and mature as they progress through our program. I look forward to continuing to bring in the right kinds of guys to the program, not just the most talented-- we need young men who want to achieve greatness in every part of their lives, and that takes a special personality. I look forward to winning more and more games with guys who have tremendous character, integrity and work ethic." 

Again this season, Ribas has recruited 10 strong incoming freshmen for the 2013-2014 season. Ribas hopes to continue to keep having such great success, but with such a great school like Santa Clara, it is not such a hard place to try and convince players to come to.

"I think Santa Clara is a tremendous place with so much to offer the student athlete," said Ribas. "When we are in the recruiting process with guys, we want to make sure it isn't a sales pitch, but rather an information gathering process, so that players and families can know our program inside and out. Between the school, the education, our location, our facilities, the player development and the brotherhood on our team, we really do offer prospective student athletes a great place to come play college baseball.  At the end of the day our best recruiters are the guys on the team and the place itself."

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