Catching Up With Casey Munoz

Catching Up With Casey Munoz

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – A junior from San Diego, Casey Munoz (CM), has been a strong first base asset to the men's baseball squad. (SCB) sat down with Munoz to discuss when he began to play as well as some of his training regimens.  

By Kaitlin Fuelling, '13 

SCB: Growing up, what positions did you play?  
I always played first base growing up because I was too chubby to play any of the other positions. Now I would love to be a pitcher, but I like hitting way too much.


SCB: If you could play in any ballpark in the country, which one would it be?
CM: I would love to play in Dodger Stadium. I played there in high school and since I am a Dodger fan, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.


SCB: What is something you have learned from being a student-athlete at Santa Clara University?
CM: I have learned that it is not easy to balance school and baseball. I came from a junior college and academics were not very demanding so I did not have to worry about balancing school and baseball.


SCB: How do you hang out with your teammates outside of practice or games?
CM: Typically a lot of the guys go out to eat after games or practices. When we are in season we hang out in the hotels on road trips, we spend most of the day with each other.


SCB: Is there a team in particular you are looking forward to playing?
CM: I do not really look forward to any teams in particular. I am excited for next season because we will get to play in San Diego, which is my hometown.


SCB: How do you train in the off-season and summer?
CM: During the offseason, I workout with a bunch of other players from San Diego at Black Ops Human Performance. It is fun because a lot of the guys that workout there play in the WCC, so we workout together in the offseason and compete against each other during the season.


SCB: What do you do for your pre-game routine?
CM: I like to listen to music and tune out everything that is going on around me. I am not big into superstitions but if I do something strange before a game and we win, I am not opposed to trying that out again.


SCB: Do you have a particular player you look up to or professional team to watch? 
CM: Even though I am not a Yankee fan, I love watching Robinson Cano. He has one of the most beautiful swings in baseball.


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