Viele Considers His Time as a Bronco

Justin Viele
Justin Viele

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Four years ago, Justin Viele (JV) knew that Santa Clara University was his top choice of schools to attend.  Recently, (SCB) had the chance to talk with the senior from Yorba Linda, Calif. and reflect on his time as a Bronco as well as the baseball season ahead.

 - Kaitlin Fuelling, '13


SCB: How is this season going to be different than previous seasons?

JV: This season we have an experienced upper class that will set the foundation and the standards for the younger guys on the team.  I think that as a group we enjoy playing together and play well together.  I know we will play hard every day and enjoy doing it.


SCB: What's your favorite baseball memory?

JV: My favorite memory would have to be in high school when my team had the chance to play at Angel Stadium.


SCB: How do you practice or train during the summer and off season?

JV:  During the off season, I usually focus my training on getting stronger and faster.  I also work on fine tuning mechanics offensively and defensively.  


SCB: Is there a baseball player you look up to?

JV: I have a ton of different teammates that I look up to for different reasons.  This helps motivate me to come to the yard every day, to get better and to work hard.  I look up to Derek Jeter probably more than anybody in the major leagues because he is consumed with winning and that's it.


SCB: If you could play in any ball park in the country, where would it be? 

JV: It would have to be Fenway or the Little League World Series field in Williamsport. What a beautiful park!


SCB: Any plans for after college?

JV: Well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

SCB: Favorite place to eat?

JV:  My favorite place to eat by school is Henry's.  At home, I like to eat at Bari Bari, a Japanese Steakhouse, or the Pancake House.  


SCB: What's something Santa Clara may not know about the baseball team?

JV: More than half the team could compete on Dancing with the Stars.  We have a talented bunch of dancers. They are also great ping pong players.


SCB: What is one thing you will miss about being on the Bronco baseball team? 

JV: I'll probably miss my teammates and all the memories that are made every single day.  Being a part of the Santa Clara baseball team over the past four years has been a blessing and it's going to be very hard to accept the fact that my time is over here.  But I know that I will always be a part of the Bronco baseball family and will be friends with these guys forever.


Come support Bronco Baseball tomorrow night at 6pm at Schott Stadium as they take on San Diego State University!

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