From Ohio to California: Matt Glomb Looks Forward to the Upcoming Baseball Season

From Ohio to California: Matt Glomb Looks Forward to the Upcoming Baseball Season

By: Jessica Shusko '15

Over the summer, Bronco baseball player Matt Glomb played summer league baseball in Athens, Ohio. The right-handed third basemen had great success over the summer, and was even named the fourth-best prospect in the Great Lakes Summer League. This season, Glomb (MG) hopes to carry over what he has learned over the summer into his second season here for the Broncos.

SCB: Being a Bay Area Native, how did you decide to go all the way to Athens, Ohio for the summer to play baseball? 

MG: During the summer almost every college baseball player is sent off to a collegiate league to go play ball. We don't really decide our options on where we will be going since our coaches place us on a team. Last year, I found out half way through the Fall that I would be heading out to Ohio, and I was really excited to go experience something new in a different state, with a completely different culture.

SCB: What was your reaction when you found out about being named the "fourth-best prospect" in the Great Lakes Summer League? 

MG: I was really caught off guard because a friend of mine told me about what happened. I had a great time playing ball out there and learned a lot, so really anything that came with that was a bonus.

SCB: How do you think this award will affect you in the upcoming season here for the Broncos? Will it help boost your confidence going into games?  

MG: Confidence was definitely the biggest issue I had last year and over the summer I got a lot of that confidence back. I'm just looking to carry over what I learned over the summer and incorporate it into my everyday life here.

SCB: What is one thing you really are going to take away from this summer season? 

MG: Just to really enjoy the game for what it is. It's a game of failure and too many times last year I treated it like a job. The summer took me back to my roots of why I started playing the game in the first place. It's just fun.

SCB: What was a typical training day like for you when you played for the Copperheads this summer? 

MG: Wake up, get some food in me and then head off to the gym. After that I would get some lunch. Our games usually started at 7:30 at home and I would get to the field around 4 to get some extra hitting and fielding in before pre-game batting practice.

SCB: Are there any training tips you learned this summer that you are going to transfer over to your training here at Santa Clara? 

MG: Not necessarily training tips, but just a deeper understanding of how to endure the everyday grind of being a baseball player and to be grateful for the opportunities that I am given here at Santa Clara.

SCB: What are you most looking forward to about this upcoming season for the Broncos?

MG: Winning. There is a lot of talent in this program right now and last year was not a reflection of it. I felt there wasn't one team we played that we couldn't have beaten. We have a very special opportunity to revamp the tradition of baseball here. The ultimate goal is dog piling in Omaha.


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