1962 Bronco Baseball College World Series 50th Anniversary Festivities Announced

1962 Bronco Baseball College World Series 50th Anniversary Festivities Announced

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the only Santa Clara baseball team in the program's history to reach the College World Series, the Santa Clara University Alumni Association will be hosting the 1962 team's 50 year reunion on Fri. Jan. 20 and Sat., Jan. 21 on and around the Mission Campus.

"We want to bring an old school style of baseball to Santa Clara and I can't think of a better way to do that than to honor the best team in our program's history," said new Bronco head coach Dan O'Brien. "Their success is our model for greatness and it will be exciting to honor them for that."

That Bronco team was obviously filled with talent as it had six players on the All-CIBA team, five players on the All-District Eight Team, four players on the College World Series All-Tournament Team, three All-Americans and the College World Series MVP (Robert Garibaldi).

In addition, three players went directly from college to Major League Baseball (Garibaldi, Ernie Fazio and John Boccabella), five players played played in the major leagues (Fazio, Boccabella, Garibaldi, Pete Magrini and Tim Cullen) and six players are in the SCU Athletic Hall of Fame (Garibaldi, Fazio, Boccabella, Cullen, John Giovanola and Mickey McDermott).

The festivities will include golf at the San Jose Country Club and an anniversary dinner on Friday night, followed by brunch with new baseball head coach Dan O'Brien, a campus tour, a pasta feed and the Santa Clara vs. Saint Mary's men's basketball game at 8 p.m. on Sun. to wrap-up the weekend.

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