Peters Focused on Getting Healthy, Helping Broncos Win

Peters Focused on Getting Healthy, Helping Broncos Win

By Carolyn Linck, '11

Transferring in from Delta Community College last season senior Evan Peters (EP) quickly became a key player for the Santa Clara University baseball team, starting all 54 games at either second base or shortstop for the Broncos. Peters was also All-WCC honorable mention in 2010.  This season Peters is looking to contribute again.  Recently (SCB) caught up with Peters about his adjustment as a transfer, his goals for this season and his role as a senior.

SCB: Last year you started all 54 games for the Broncos. What kind of physical toll did that take on you? How do you prepare your body for the long season?

EP: It was a long year, and my body was a little beaten up after that.  To prepare for this season I've just been working out as hard as I can.  I know it's a long road ahead so I'm trying to get my body ready for it.

SCB: Last season you played games at both shortshop and second base for the Broncos. Which position do you prefer? Why?

EP: I grew up playing both positions and really enjoy both. It makes me a more valuable asset to the team because I can play in multiple spots.  If I had to choose I'd say I enjoy playing shortstop more just because that's where one of my favorite players, Omar Vizquel, played.

SCB: What have you been working to improve on? What goals have you set for this season individually?

EP:  Right now I am focusing on getting healthy. I haven't been out there for a couple weeks so I'm trying everything I can to get back on the field.  That's my main goal right now.

SCB: How do you view your role on the team as a senior?  Does knowing that this is your last season change your mindset going into games?

EP: I wouldn't say my mindset has really changed much this year from past years. Being a senior definitely comes with certain responsibilities, but all I can do is go out there and be me.  I try to lead the best I can by example, bring a consistent attitude and work ethic to the yard everyday.

SCB: Last year you transferred to Santa Clara University from San Joaquin Delta Community College.  What was the adjustment period like for you?  How do you think having a year of playing experience with the Broncos will help you this coming season?

EP: Transferring brought its own challenges. I left some of my best friends at Delta, but it's an opportunity most ball players don't get, coming to a good D-1 program.  All the guys here took me in quickly and I haven't looked back since.  Having some playing experience helps because I know what worked and didn't work last year and I can build off of that.  

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