One-on-One With Doron Perkins

Jan. 27, 2005

Recent West Coast Conference player of the week, senior Doron Perkins, a leader in the men's basketball division of the WCC in scoring, rebounding and steals. The Santa Clara contributing writer Mary Anne Sunseri sat down with the Alaskan native to discuss his game strategies, what he has planned for life after college, his favorite pets and his views on the National Basketball Association.

MS: So, first, congratulations on getting WCC Player of the Week last week. How did you feel about that?

DP: It came as a surprise. I didn't really know that it would happen at all. I was just happy that the team was winning. But I felt appreciative, since it's a showing of our team.

MS: Since the season so far has brought mixed results, how do you think the rest of the season's going to go, especially with your game against San Francisco happening on Thursday?

DP: We've been up and down, but now we know what we gotta' do to win.

MS: What kind of strategies are you personally or as a team working on for the upcoming games?

DP: Just defensively. We're not the best shooting team, percentage wise, but as long as we keep playing defensively, we'll be all right.

MS: Since college is slowly drawing to a close, looking back, are there any regrets that you have or anything that you could have done? Not just in basketball, but in general?

DP: Not really. Probably just last year, be more aggressive, basketball-wise. I don't regret anything else. I was happy to go to junior college. Everything worked out. It would have been cool if I had been here three years instead of two, but everything's been perfect for me.

MS: So what made you come out to this area, because you're originally from Alaska?

DP Well, I went to junior college in Oregon, and then the coach recruited me, and I knew Kyle (Bailey) a little bit, so that pretty much made my decision.

MS: And what are your plans for the future?

DP: Hopefully play basketball. I don't really have any plans. I'll get my degree and see where that gets me, and hopefully play basketball as long as I can.

MS: Do you think you might be doing anything with your Communication major in the future?

DP: I'm sure I will. Maybe either on the radio broadcasting side or try to be a sports agent, but I heard that's pretty difficult.

MS: So you took Intercultural Communication and really liked that class? What's one thing you learned from that class?

DP: I just learned how to put myself into other people's shoes and see how they view the world and view other people besides my own culture. It's really helped me to make the best out of every situation. It just helped me to have that empathy.

MS: So what do you do in your spare time?

DP: I sleep a lot. Watch a lot of TV. Play video games.

MS: Do you still play chess?

DP: No, not really. I played a lot in Oregon, but I haven't met anybody here who really plays. I haven't really even asked around. I still have my skills, though.

MS: What's you're favorite food?

DP: Can I say cereal?

MS: You like cereal? Why cereal?

DP: Just because I'm not the best cook or anything. And I can eat that anytime. Lucky Charms is my favorite. I eat that all the time.

MS: Do you have any pets?

DP: Yeah, I have a pet dog. I think she's a Shih-Tzu. We pretty much adopted it. We've had it about three, four years now. It's my favorite dog. Cool, perfect dog.

MS: What's its name?

DP: Samantha.

MS: So are you a dog person?

DP: Not really. I like cats. I'm allergic to them, but I like cats the most. Me and my mom are allergic to them. But still, I like cats a lot.

MS: Do you have any favorite childhood memories?

DP: Not really. Well, just playing in the snow with my best friends and playing basketball. I always dreamed of playing in college and in the NBA.

MS: If you could be on any team in the NBA, which one would you play on?

DP: Either the Knicks or the Lakers. Knicks because my family is from New York, but the Lakers, just to play with Kobe Bryant, my favorite player.

MS: Would you like to see an NBA team representing Alaska?

DP: That would be cool. I mean, I'm sure it will probably happen in the future. I would like to see that.

MS: And if they have one, what would be your idea of a good mascot?

DP: I don't know. Maybe the bears. Eagles. Something ferocious.

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