Up Close & Personal with Pat Peavey

Up Close & Personal with Pat Peavey

April 24, 2002

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Senior Pat Peavey has really stepped up his game over the last month for the Broncos, lifting his season batting average from below .270 to above .300 in less than a month. During last weekend's series against the University of Portland, the Bronco shortstop went 8-for-11 with six RBI and two runs scored. In Friday's series opener he unloaded on his third home run of the season, which also was the team's first grand slam of the year.

During his collegiate career, Peavey is batting over .300 with 28 doubles, nine home runs and 83 runs batted in. Over the last two years he has totaled 95 hits in 73 games while scoring 41 runs. What might be most noticeable about the likeable young man is his infectious smile. No matter where you go and no matter what time of the day it is, Peavey can always be found smiling.

We recently caught up with the busy senior and he took some time out to answer a variety of questions about his career at Santa Clara and some of the things behind the scene that you might not have known.

Q: What has been the biggest change from last year to this year for you?

A: "Obviously I think it would be the coaching staff. The organization of practices and pregame routines is vastly different, and there is so much respect there for the coaches."

Q: What has the overall experience at Santa Clara been like for you over the last four years?

A: "It has been a great experience. I knew coming out of high school that this place was a great athletic and academic institution. I chose this road because I was looking forward to excelling at both."

Q: What has proven to be the biggest adjustment that you had to make at Santa Clara?

A: "Coming into college I had never really failed at anything. As a younger player in a collegiate system I went through some growing pains where I experienced some failure. What I have learned throughout the process though is that in order to have successes, there must be at first some failures. So it has been a great learning experience for me."

Q: What has the support your have gotten from your family meant to you?

A: "Both my parents try to come to every home game and they have been unbelievably supportive. We talk before each game and they call me after every game. We talk about who the other team is throwing and other intricacies of the game because they are such huge baseball fans and supporters of me. Sometimes it gets hard for them with my brother playing at Southern Cal, but they make time for both of us. We usually play them at least once every year so when that happens my Mom will switch shirts whenever my brother or I am up, so that gets pretty interesting."

Q: Is there another Peavey brother coming up that might be the best player of all of you?

A: "Yes, my little brother Cal. He is pretty big right now and he is only 10. He was named after Cal Ripken Jr. so he is off to a good start already."

Q: When did you decide that baseball was the game for you?

A: "I think it was probably when I was five years old that I started playing every day. My brother and I would play every single day, we would play strikeout, little league, high school ball and then now in college. It was absolutely the most fun thing that I would do every day, so I knew then. Ever since I was five I dreamed of playing in the Big Leagues, and that dream continues today. All I am looking for after Santa Clara is a shot somewhere, that is all I can ask for, then it will be up to me to prove myself and that is what baseball is all about."

Q: Going through your list of teammates over the years, are there guys out there that will remain friends of yours for life?

A: "No doubt. One of the good things about baseball is the camaraderie. Even from summer leagues, I still remember every player that I every played with. Baseball has provided me with relationships that will last long after I stop playing baseball."

Q: "What are you looking for from the Broncos with only 15 games or so remaining?

A: "We are looking to stay competitive in our league and in the end we hope it works out that we are in the WCC Championship series in late May. We have a lot of work left to do, but I think we might be able to string something together late this season to surprise some people."

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