Getting on Track with Andrew Melendez

Getting on Track with Andrew Melendez

Written by Denzel Johnson '15

Catching up to Andrew Melendez (AM) is a very difficult task for most. Fortunately, the Men's Cross Country Freshman decided to slow down and spend some time with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) to talk about his passion for the sport, as well as reflect on his first year on the Mission Campus.

SCB: How long have you been running cross country and what got you started?

AM: I have been running cross country since my Freshman year of high school. My dad was really fast, and I showed some potential to be fast so everybody expected I'd be really good at it. In the second week of high school practice I put myself in the varsity training group, and my coach thinking that I was just going to feel to hurt and get knocked down to size let me run with them that day. I was able to do it, and from that day on I knew I was sticking with this sport. 

SCB: Where is your favorite course you have ever competed at and what is special about it?

AM: My favorite high school course is Woodward Park because it is the perfectly constructed course in terms of terrain change. My favorite college course is Stanford because it is so crowded it gives you an adrenaline rush. 
SCB: Are there any other sports that you have interest in? Who's your favorite player in that sport and why?
AM: I like most sports, I am a huge Oakland sports fan, Raiders, A's and Warriors. I guess my favorite player of all time across sports is Mark Ellis, former second baseman for the A's. I just loved his consistency.  

 SCB: What was the most exciting part of your freshman campaign?

AM: The most exciting part of my freshman campaign was adjusting to a new style of racing. In high school cross country, I would run from the front pack and do what I could from up there. Now I am running from the middle of the field. It sounds like a small change, but it changes everything and has taught me a lot about myself as a runner. 
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