Catching Up With Tony Ferrari

Catching Up With Tony Ferrari

Written By Student Assistant Linnea Lico '15 

SANTA CLARA, Calif.Tony Ferrari (TF), of the Cross Country team at Santa Clara, talks with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about his goals for the upcoming season and how he is preparing to accomplish them. He gives insight into his previous experience running at SCU as well as some fun facts about him and the team.


SCB: How have you been preparing this summer for the coming season?

TF: This summer I've been making an extra effort to be very fit for the upcoming season. In addition to running plenty of miles every day, I've been using the weight room and doing drills and strides.

SCB:  As you enter your final year at SCU, have you set any goals to finish off your cross country career here?

TF:  For my final year at SCU, I would love to make the conference team. Also, running under 25 minutes in an 8k would be pretty cool too.

SCB:  How did you get your start in running?

TF:  Aside from a few track races during middle school, I got started running during my freshman year of high school at Bellarmine College Prep. I have many great memories running for the Bellarmine team.

SCB:  What is something we don't know about the SCU cross country squad?

TF: Well, the SCU cross country team is extremely creative and inventive. With a good supply of engineering majors and plenty of enthusiasm, we regularly take on interesting culinary, construction, and video projects!

SCB:  What was your greatest highlight so far in your SCU career?

TF:  Considering that I've had a bit of trouble with injury, I would have to say my return to track last year would be my career highlight. However, with a little hard work, I think my best highlights are still yet to come.

SCB:  If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be?

TF: This is hard because I think California already has such amazing places to run. I think running in Mexico's Copper Canyon would be pretty cool. For the indigenous Tarahumara people, running is a big part of life.
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