Allison Maio Shares Her Experience Running Cross Country

Allison Maio Shares Her Experience Running Cross Country

Written by Student Assistant Linnea Lico '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Allison Maio (AM) discusses with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) her experience running as a Bronco. She gives great input on individual and team goals this coming season as well as a little sneak peek into how she came to her cross country career today.

SCB: Now that you have gained experience running at SCU, what advice would you give to someone just starting out?

AM:  After having my own experience running for SCU, I would tell the freshmen to not worry so much, college running isn't as scary as you think and while it does take some time to adjust to the schedule and the mileage, it will all get easier very soon!
SCB:  Is there someone in your life that inspired you to become a runner?
AM:  My parents are definitely the ones who inspired me to become a runner. Growing up I watched them run numerous marathons and did 5k's alongside them.
SCB: What is something people usually don't know about distance runners?
AM:  People usually think runners are always really healthy people but actually we eat so much and we eat a lot of sweets! Also we don't always love to run! Sometimes runs go awful or you're just not in the mood, we're right alongside those people who dislike running sometimes.  But not very often though, which is what sets us apart.

SCB:  What are the major goals for Bronco cross country this coming season?

AM:  The major goals for this season are obviously to run our best! We are hosting West Coast Conference Championships so a top spot would mean even more this year than ever before! Also I think we are looking to up our mileage, make our workouts harder, and challenge ourselves as individuals and teams. I hope another goal can be to grow closer as a team because I think it will help us achieve our other goals!
SCB:  What are your personal goals this coming season?
AM:  My personal goals are to lower by PRs and run in the top spots for the team. My coaches and I both recognize that this is a year for me to step up and be a leader for the team and I hope I can come through on this goal. 
SCB:  If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be?

AM:  If I could run anywhere in the world, I would run in Tahiti! I've always wanted to go there in general and I love running by the water in a quiet place.

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