Junior Cross Country Runner Enjoys Her Time Out On The Trails

Kayla Germany
Kayla Germany

By Sara Vierra '15

Beginning to run competitively as a sophomore in high school, junior, Kayla Germany (KG), stumbled upon her latent talent accidentally. Picking up track as a method to keep her in shape for soccer season, Germany found that she enjoyed running more, so she decided to keep with it through the fall season and joined cross country.

Germany her teammates will run in the Bronco Invitational this weekend at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale.

Germany tells www.SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCU) about her experiences running side by side her twin sister, as well as how therapeutic running has become in her life.

SCU: When did you begin to run competitively?
KG: I started running track during my sophomore year of high school to stay
in shape for soccer. The next fall I decided to stick with running and
ran cross country instead of soccer.

SCU: Has it always been something that your twin sister and you do
KG: Yes, we both started running competitively at the same time and it has
been really cool to see how much we have both improved over the years.

SCU: What do you enjoy most about running?
KG: I really like that although running at this level is intense and can be
really stressful, it can also be relaxing. We run at some really
beautiful places and I love being able to be out there getting a good
run in and at the same time getting to see amazing views. We have
practice in the morning now and it is a great way to clear my mind to
start off the day.

SCU: What is it like to be running in the same race and competing against
your sister?
KG: It has been great to be running in the same races as my sister again.
This is the first season since high school that we have both been
running again, and it is nice having her there in a race or a workout to
help push me to do my best. This past weekend we ran together for almost
the entire race and worked together to move up through the crowded
course. I definitely wouldn't have been able to run as fast without her

SCU: What do you plan on doing after college, considering that you are a
Biology major?
KG: After college I am hoping to go to medical school to become an emergency
room physician.

SCU: What has been your favorite trail to run, and why?
KG: My favorite trail to run is the Loma Prieta Grade in Nisene Marks State
Park. During the summer I do almost all of my long runs there. It has a
few pretty steep hills but the views are beautiful and long runs on this
trail always seem to go by more quickly.

SCU: Do you enjoy cross country or track events more?
KG: I enjoy running cross country because we get to run as a team and on
trails, but I enjoy track events more because it is easier for me to
pace myself and get into a rhythm.

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