Reid Returns for Final Season

Robbie Reid
Robbie Reid

In four years at Santa Clara, red-shirt senior Robert Reid (RR) accomplished the remarkable feat of shattering the school record in the 800m not once, but twice. Now, he will make his final return for one last cross-country season before racing off into the 'real world'. Reid sat down with (SCB) to discuss his decision to redshirt, his many achievements and what style of running suits him best.


SCB: What were the reasons behind red-shirting last season?

RR: Basically every year you hope to get stronger and build off something else. Coach Montoro and I both thought the ultimate goal is to qualify for Nationals. It would be great if we qualify as a team. I was hoping to build come back be stronger and qualify for nationals my fifth year.


SCB: What was that like having to red-shirt? Was it difficult?

RR: Yes and no. The only thing I didn't do was race with the team. I still raced on my own and got a chance to experience a lot of things, like a half- marathon in San Jose.  Everything else was the same. I trained with the team, did all the same workouts. I just raced unattached, which was a different experience.


SCB: What has been your biggest accomplishment, in terms of a race that stood out to you? Why?

RR: I have a few. The first was the one win I had at the Bronco (Invite), which was a great flat pass course. It was cool to win our home meet. The next would be conference that same year. And the next would be the half marathon, which was my first debut run. I finished ninth overall, it was really just flat and fun!


SCB: With the 800m, what is your strategy for the race?

RR: It's only two laps, so run as fast as you can the whole time. Staying comfortable and being able to cover moves.


SCB: You set a new school record for the 800m. How did that feel being able to put your name up there and be in the school's history?

RR: It's funny I actually broke my own record which I set in my sophomore year.  Every race you try to better yourself and try and do better. It's not really the goal in one specific race to break it. You definitely want to peak at the end of the season. It's good to PR and set records and see the history of the program, hopefully it keeps getting better.


SCB: What have you been doing in the off-season to stay fit and prepared?


RR: Austin Jones and I spent the last five weeks up in Tahoe training. We were able to get some big-time altitude training, which was really good to get away from the Bay Area and experience something new. Hopefully we can build upon what we have been doing these past four years.


SCB: Is there one thing specifically that you are really trying to work on?


RR: I think we have been building up the mileage this whole summer.  The one thing we have been trying to do is to get competitive in the conference with BYU, Portland and USF. We also want to surprise some people at the Regional meet and qualify for Nationals with an at large bid.


SCB: When you are in this area, what is a typical workout for you?


RR: It depends on the day and what you are trying to do. On a Monday it's a light day, so you don't really run more than 30 minutes to an hour. If we are hitting our peak mileage I might double. Maybe run an hour in the morning, do whatever I need to do and come back and run another 30 minutes in the afternoon. Basically I try and relax when I am not running and when I am running, take it easy and stay controlled.


SCB: You mentioned being competitive within the league, are there any specific goals you have for yourself?


RR: The one main goal is to qualify for Nationals. Everything else is just a product of that; you want to be at the top of conference.


SCB: What are you going to miss most about Santa Clara?


RR: Everything. For one thing the team, our team atmosphere is really good. The coaching staff has also been really supportive. It makes you feel like a family.


SCB: Do you have any plans for after college?


RR: I would like to still run competitively. Coach Montoro and I have talked about it, and it will be tough because we will have to see how a job lines up with running. I would like to competitively run some half marathons and full marathons.

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