Bronco runner Chris Mosier, SCU Student Body President, Earns WCC Post-Graduate Scholarship

Bronco runner Chris Mosier, SCU Student Body President, Earns WCC Post-Graduate Scholarship

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Chris Mosier, the Santa Clara University Student Body President, cross country team captain, SAAC leader, Ruff Rider enthusiast and frequent community service volunteer, recently was awarded the West Coast Conference Post-Graduate Scholarship. Mosier graduates on Saturday, June 11, 2011 and plans to attend Santa Clara Law School in the fall.

"Ever since the first day he stepped foot on campus, Chris Mosier hasn't stopped trying to find new ways to support Santa Clara Athletics. He is an Athletic Director's dream," said Bronco Athletic Director Dan Coonan. "Great student, great athlete, a fantastic leader on SAAC and also a strong leader with the Ruff Riders, helping us generate student attendance at games. This past year as president of the student body he worked to tie athletics to the student body like no other president has in the recent past.  He certainly made his mark here on the Mission Campus.  He is truly an exceptional person and will certainly be a success in any field he enters when he graduates from Santa Clara Law School."

"It is truly an honor and blessing to receive the WCC Post-Graduate scholarship," said Mosier.  "As an athlete and student body president, I worked toward fostering a better relationship amongst athletics, students, and our University administration.  I am very proud to be a Bronco.  In this same spirit, I will continue my education in Santa Clara Law and continue to be an advocate for our Bronco student-athletes."

His choice to seek the presidency at Santa Clara was no accident.  "While attending a campus tour during my junior year in high school, I was awestruck as I walked through the Associated Student Government offices adorned with commendations and resolutions," said Mosier.  "This lasting memory sparked my enthusiasm to become an elected representative and sealed my fate to attend Santa Clara Law School."

"Chris is the type of person who will be successful at whatever he chooses to do," said Bronco cross country head coach Felipe Montoro. "He is very intelligent, very compassionate and one of the most motivated, hard working people out there. He seizes any and all opportunities put in front of him. Chris really took advantage of his time here at Santa Clara and will graduate having left our team and the University better off because of his involvement. I am glad that he will still be around for three more years in law school."

Prior to being elected student body president for 2010-11, Mosier served as a student senator in 2008-09 and then was Chair of the SCU Student Senate in 2009-10.  He was named the 'Senator of the Year' in 2008-09.  He was also a member of the NCAA Certification Steering Committee Member in 2010-11 and National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference, was a member of the Board of Trustees Student Life Committee and also on the Planning Action Council as well.

"Serving as student body president is a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Mosier.  "While I was incredibly busy with meetings and various activities (not to mention the non-stop emails!), I truly loved the experience. SCU Associated Student Government accomplished a lot this past year.  I am particularly proud of representing student-athletes and successfully bringing back a Santa Clara tradition: Senior Ball.  In my role as President, I had the opportunity to meet so many great people, and form new relationships.  In transitioning my predecessor, I mentioned the importance of building these relationships and finding the middle ground solution.  However, in the end, I stressed: "Be positive, and have fun!"

Mosier did all this while maintaining a 3.75 grade point average as a Political Science and Economic double major and competing as a member of the cross country/track team for four years.

"It has really been a pleasure to coach Chris. He has always been a team first kind of athlete and has been a very positive influence on his teammates. He is always up beat and supportive while at the same time holding everyone accountable. He literally never complained about anything, and worked very hard," said Montoro.  "He has really learned to prioritize his many activities and rest when he needs it. Early in his time here his answer to a sub par race or workout was to go even harder and put even more on his plate. Even though he is still the busiest person I know, he is actually a lot more relaxed than a few years ago."

Montoro has served as a good role model for Mosier as well with Montoro serving on the SCU Staff Senate on campus.  "Chris and I have had countless conversations about topics ranging from politics (Chris is very open minded...for a conservative!) to training and everything in between. He came to speak to the Staff Senate once and he was so well spoken and organized, I was very proud that he was a cross country runner."

Mosier, injured on and off the last couple years, finished his senior track season with a win in the men's 1500m event, running a time of 4:07.00 despite very strong winds on the back stretch at the Cal State Stanislaus Twilight, held on May 13 in Turlock, Calif.

"It is always refreshing to end on a positive note.  Despite the injury, and with support from my coach, I finished my Division I running career strong.  In particular, one hour before my final race, I learned that I would be receiving the WCC Post-Graduate Scholarship.  At this point, I reflected and felt at peace with all I had accomplished.  I knew I was ready for one last race as a Bronco," said Mosier.

Looking back on his Bronco track career one race sticks out in particular.  "I will always remember my Chico 5k race as a junior," said Mosier.  "With 400 meters to go, I took the lead but was passed with 200 to go.  Felipe's enthusiasm left me with no doubt about my kick; I ended up retaking the lead and coming home with the victory and a new personal record."

Off the track, Mosier has been a very active and vocal member of the Ruff Riders. He and many of his cross country mates have aided the Bronco basketball team by cheering as loud as possible (see the photo gallery included here!). "There are many special memories as a Ruff Rider," said Mosier.  "However, in particular, I will always remember our home basketball win against Gonzaga this past season.  The spirit and student enthusiasm was indiscernible and certainly left a positive memory in my mind."

"We really appreciated Chris' support at our games and of our team," said Santa Clara head men's basketball coach Kerry Keating. "He's had a ton on his plate with academics, athletics and student government, but I also saw him front and center in Leavey. For that I am grateful and hope that his example can be followed in the future. Good luck Chris! Truly a great Bronco!"

Mosier's final message to incoming students:  Enjoy the Santa Clara experience.  There are many avenues of involvement; find your niche and create your opportunities.  You only go to college once, have fun with it!

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