Seventeen Bronco Cross Country Runners Honored Academically By the WCC

Seventeen Bronco Cross Country Runners Honored Academically By the WCC

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Three Broncos were named to the 2011 First Team West Coast Conference Cross Country All-Academic team on Wednesday and eight Bronco men and six Bronco women made the Honorable Mention list. All-WCC runner Ben Demaree, Kevin Oliver and Mary Reynolds were named to the WCC All-Academic First Team. 

Demaree carries a 3.940 as a Bio-Engineering major; Oliver carries a 3.960 as a Biology major and Reynolds carries a 3.753 as a Bio-Engineering major.

On the men's side, Marcos Hinojosa, Austin Jones, Nhunguyen Le, Matt Mosier, Robbie Reid, Matt Savage, Peter Stephens and Richard Zhu were named to the WCC Honorable Mention Team.

On the women's side, Kayla Germany, Lauren Germany, Erin Hartwig, Erin McCarthy, Jamie Anderson and Meghan McNamara, SCU were named to the WCC Honorable Mention Team.

Demarre (13th) and Reid (15th) both captured All-WCC status at the 2011 Cross Country Championships on Oct. 29 at the Crystal Springs Course in Belmont, Calif.  It was Reid's third time in his career he has grabbed All-WCC honors and the second for Demaree.

"As a conference, we are very proud to celebrate the academic achievements of these student-athletes," said WCC Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich. "After a highly competitive championship event last weekend at Crystal Springs, seeing some of those top finishers on the all-academic list truly exemplifies the dedication of these runners both on the course and in the classroom."

A number of the Broncos named to the WCC All-Academic Team commented as well.

"I try to keep the right balance between running and schoolwork. It's easy to get caught in one and neglect the other, and I think good time management is an important part of being a student-athlete," said Demaree.  "I think our team in particular encourages us to be good students. We set high academic standards for ourselves."

"I think it's definitely a team thing," said Reynolds. "Cross country has a reputation for really performing well academically and I'm motivated to keep that going. Also I just find that after a really great workout or practice I'm usually more focused on school because running I've kind of have gotten my stress out and forced my mind away from academics for a couple of hours, which makes it easier to focus when you need to."

"As Santa Clara University student-athletes we are first and foremost here to further our education and ultimately graduate with a degree. Combining athletics with those academic ambitions is very important as it provides a sense of balance in our lives and helps each and every one of us to become a more well-rounded human being," said Reid, who carries a 3.252 in Finance.  "Personally for me, as a runner, combining athletics with academics goes hand in hand and has always been second-nature. No matter whether it's on the trails, race course or track I'm always going to go out there and give it everything I have and I feel that sense of determination I have has always transitioned into the classroom as well.  I feel that the rest of my teammates on the team have that same sense of purpose instilled in them as well.  It sounds very cliché, but as I stated before, it's just something in our genetic makeup as runners to always lay it out there on the line and give it our all no matter what the endeavor may be."

"Academics are a high priority for our team," said Jones, a senior who carries a 3.885 GPA with a double major in Physics and Economics. "We work very hard to balance training to be successful athletes with success in the classroom."

"A huge part of being a distance runner is discipline and I think that's a very transferable quality that helps you out in all aspects of life," said Hartwig, a junior who carries a 3.218 with a double major in Marketing and Economics.  "Being on a team has encouraged me to have better time management and work with a time crunched schedule. As a team we all help each other out because we understand the demands placed on us both by the sport and our classes."

"Combining athletics with academics is important; Running always helps me clear my head after a rough test or a long day of classes and allows me to better focus on studying or whatever schoolwork I have left after practice," said Lauren Germany, who also serves as a sophomore senator, and carries a 3.608 GPA as a Biology major.  "I would definitely say that there is a team aspect to our academics because we value our high team GPA and I feel obligated to do well academically to pull my weight."

"Felipe Montoro and Chantelle Wilder are extremely supportive of our success in the classroom. In our sport you have to be a super-superstar to make a living, so a doing well in school is key in our success off the course. It is all about learning how to time manage appropriately," said McCarthy, a senior who carries a 3.682 as a Political Science major.  "We also make it a team goal.  We usually have a goal-setting session the third week of preseason and get together without the coaches to determine what we are looking to accomplish with the season. A team GPA is always part of that list."

In the Spring 2011 quarter, the women's cross country team led all Bronco teams for the third straight quarter with a 3.56 GPA.  They also had the top cumulative GPA at 3.4 as well. It was the highest GPA on record for a single team in a single quarter as well. 

On the men's side, the cross country team also posted the highest GPA at 3.36 for the spring 2011 quarter for the third straight quarter. They also had the highest cumulative GPA at 3.29.

"The women's and men's teams work very hard on the trails and in the class room. We are all very pleased with their latest academic accomplishments. I look forward to seeing how we do again next quarter (Fall, 2011)," said Bronco head cross country and track coach Felipe Montoro.

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