Getting to Know Sophomore Runner Erin McCarthy

April 14, 2010

What are your personal goals for the remainder of the track season?

I definitely want to improve in every event I am racing, but we only have about three meets left. Ideally I want to hit mid 4:30s in the 1500m and in the 17:30 range for the 5000m. I am also running my first fresh 400m and 800m since high school later on in the season, so I am stoked to race those.

Your sister also ran collegiate track at Dartmouth. Did you two go on training runs together?

Yup! Ever since I started running in college, whenever the two of us are home together, we run. It's nice to have a training partner in Colorado, especially over winter and summer breaks. When she comes out here to visit me, she'll come run with the team too, which is really nice because that's extra time that I get to be with her.

Rumor has it that you enjoy traveling. Where have you traveled and to where do you hope to travel in the future?

I went to Spain with my sister my freshman summer of college. I was in the middle of training so we were able to run all over the Barcelona. I would like to also visit Italy again because that is where my family is from, and to also go down to South America to either Chile or Argentina.

Since you are an Economics and Philosophy double major, is there a specific philosopher who inspires your running, or maybe an economic formula that parallels your sport?

Hmmm I've never really thought about that ... but I suppose that running is the ideal depiction of the minds power over matter. No matter how fit your body is, you can have the worst race if you're not mentally prepared. So it's super important to always be confident in your speed and ability when you step on the line to race, to forget about the physical pain and just go.