Santa Clara Prepares to Run at Aggie Open

March 14, 2009

Santa Clara will take a break from its preparation for this week's finals on Sat., March 14 when it runs at the Aggie Open hosted by UC Davis. Santa Clara will join Sacramento State, USF, host-UC Davis and Chico State among others.

Typically the Broncos don't run the weekend before finals, but Bronco head coach Tom Service thought this year the Aggie Open would be a good place to run because Santa Clara typically competes well there and it didn't involve staying overnight.

A majority of the Bronco distance runners will run the two mile run, a non-traditional NCAA race, but one Service feels is important especially early in the outdoor season.

"Running the 2 mile race breaks it up for a 5000m runner. There is a big difference between a 2 mile and a 3.1 mile race for a distance runner. This race won't be about making times as qualifiers. The best training a runner can get is to race and this is another good opportunity to get an outstanding training run in competitive conditions," said Service. "A lot of our best kids are running events that aren't their speciality this weekend - we have more long-range objectives rather than short range goals. The benefits of the Aggie Open will be realized more down the road than the immediate return. This is one of the stops to go to the next level."

Service feels it will also be a good stress reliever for many of the kids on the team who have been very focused on their academics this week.

"This week of school seems to almost harder than next week so this will be a good stress relief. We will rest a few kids for different reason," said Service.

"The Aggie Open is a good way to get out, get a good race in and then get back on campus and continue to study," said assistant coach Felipe Montero.